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Publication Number:      Date:  Sept/Oct 1998
Issue No: Vol. 62 No. 2
Date: Sept/Oct 1998



The Metric Conversion Status for the Highway Program

by Jennifer Balis

The 1998 construction season represents a major turning point in the metric conversion process currently underway in the highway construction industry.

National ITS Architecture

by S. Lawrence Paulson

State and local transportation planners who want to make full use of the exciting potential of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are learning that they don't have to go it alone.

Building a Bridge to the Public: The Alaska Experience

by Marti Dilley and Thomas J. Gallagher

Communication between transportation departments and the public is no longer an option - the public demands it and legislation requires it.

One Extraordinary Barn

by Dena M. Gray-Fisher

Traveling along Interstate 35 in north central Iowa, just south of the Minnesota border, you might think the bright red barn and checked silo are just another part of the Iowa landscape.

Bridging the Centuries: Moving Virginia's Bridge Program Into the 21st Century

by Claude S. Napier Jr., Wallace T. McKeel Jr., and Michael M. Sprinkel

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has the enormous job of maintaining 90,000 kilometers of highways - the third largest state-maintained highway system in the United States. Another 16,000 kilometers of urban streets are maintained by cities and towns with the help of state funds.

TEA-21: "A Historic Piece of Legislation

by David Smallen

If Congress left without passing a surface transportation reauthorization, then President Clinton and his administration would continue to talk about states running out of money during the height of the spring construction season.

Ultra-Thin Whitetopping

by Charles J. Churilla

Repairing bumpy, rutted, pot-holed pavements - although necessary - is one of the biggest inconveniences to motorists today. Especially if the pavement happens to be at a busy downtown intersection.

The First Channel Bridges

by Christopher J. Allen and Frank Naret

In the transportation industry, we are always on the lookout for new construction materials or methodologies that will allow us to improve our transportation systems at a lower cost, reduce construction time, and increase the performance life of our investment.

Staying in the Loop: The Search for Improved Reliability of Traffic Sensing Systems Through Smart Test Instruments

by David Gibson, Milton K. (Pete) Mills, and Doug Rekenthaler Jr.

The average commuter spends more than 40 minutes on the road going to work and coming home again.



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