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Publication Number:      Date:  July/August 1999
Issue No: Vol. 63 No. 1
Date: July/August 1999



NHI's Instructor Certification Program

by: Marketta Kopinski

The National Highway Institute (NHI), the external training branch of the Federal Highway Administration, offers a new program to upgrade the skills of its instructors.

Another Step Toward a Nationally Integrated Traveler Information System

by: R. Dale Thompson

Traveler information systems have evolved to become sophisticated dissemination devices, which provide travelers with valuable information. FHWA has taken the lead in developing a strategy to guide federal activities and national interest in the development and implementation of a National Traveler Information System.

Highways and the New Wave of Economic Growth

by: Walter L. Sutton Jr. and David Marks

Having a seamless intermodal transportation system will determine whether the country will succeed in a "fifth wave" of industrialization. FHWA is doing its part by improving highway infrastructure, the backbone of the nation's intermodal network.

FHWA Fiber-Optics Research Program: Critical Knowledge for Infrastructure Improvement

by: Richard A. Livingston

The Las Cruces highway bridge in New Mexico is part of FHWA's research effort that is exploring the use of fiber-optic sensors in highway applications. This research is yielding valuable information about highway construction.

Potholes Patchers Demonstrated in California

by: R. Clayton Slovensky

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and FHWA hosted a demonstration that allowed vendors to display their equipment and materials and to introduce new pothole-patching technologies to prospective clients.

Managing Car-Crunching Sinkholes

by: L. Rick Ruegsegger and Thomas E. Lefchik

The Ohio Department of Transportation initiated an Abandoned Underground Mine Inventory and Risk Assessment process to find out where abandoned mines may exist beneath interstate highways and other roadways. These mines represent an existing, undefined, and yet possibly significant risk to the safety of the traveling public.

FHWA Helps Restore Historic Neighborhood in Los Angeles

by: Patricia Reid

FHWA, Caltrans, the city of Los Angeles, and neighborhood redevelopment agencies joined together to restore some historical ambiance to the Adams-Figuroa Historic District in Los Angeles.

The Hoover Dam Bypass

by: Terry Haussler and Doug Rekenthaler Jr.

Route 93, the roadway leading up to and over the Hoover Dam - a National Historic Landmark and one of the world's wonders of civil engineering, is becoming a dangerous bottleneck. Transportation experts examine the options for a high-speed bypass.

FHWA Presents the 1999 Environmental Excellence Award Winners

FHWA announced the winners of the 1999 Environmental Excellence Awards on Earth Day (April 22) 1999.

Sign Simulator Validated in FHWA Study

by Karen R. Mahach, Kathryn Wochinger, Rafael Marshall, and Deanne Eppich

The sign simulator - "Signism" - is used by FHWA to evaluate a group of traffic signs that were proposed as national standards. FHWA researchers discuss the validation process of this simulator.

All's Quiet on the Wasatch Front: Technology Keeps Traffic Moving

by: Melanie Buck

The Utah Department of Transportation has launched CommuterLink, an intelligent transportation system of electronic traffic equipment, computers, and communication systems, to make traveling along the Wasatch Front safer and more efficient.

Top 10 Construction Achievements of the 20th Century

An international panel of construction industry executives and editors select the top 10 construction projects of the 20th century.



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