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Publication Number:      Date:  May/June 1999
Issue No: Vol. 62 No. 6
Date: May/June 1999


Internet Watch

by Mary Pigott

The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Joint Program Office (JPO) at the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has opened a new, redesigned Web site: http://www.its.dot.gov. The design provides the user with new information quickly and easily, and features bright graphics and clean organization. The site is easy to navigate - users can access three key areas at any one time: the ITS Electronic Document Library, the ITS Cooperative Deployment Network, and the ITS program areas. Visitors who ask "What's New? How do I get to it fast?" will find their answers here.

The Electronic Document Library

The Electronic Document Library - informally known as "the EDL" - is a cyber-library that provides users with instant access to the nation's largest collection of U.S. government research and reports related to ITS. It has already proven to be an invaluable resource for transportation professionals. Although offered to the general public last summer, the EDL is still being tested to see what improvements can be made. This dynamic collection contains nearly 1,400 documents, with more information being entered daily as it becomes available. To reach the EDL directly, go to http://www.its.fhwa.dot.gov/cyberdocs/welcome.htm.

The ITS Cooperative Deployment Network

The ITS Cooperative Deployment Network (ICDN) is a unique integrated Web site that hosts member associations and government entities committed to advancing ITS. Its membership is based on the National Associations Working Group (NAWG). Member organizations share the latest information available about ITS. The site also advertises newly published documents. Visitors looking for interactive discussion can participate in a variety of forums on various topics. By subscribing to the free newsletter, readers can have the ICDN conveniently delivered to their e-mail boxes. The direct link to the ICDN is: http://www.nawgits.com/jpo/icdn.html.

What's New in ITS Program Areas

The ITS JPO Web site is alive with new information about ITS. The "What's New" section of the site features immediate access to new information organized by program area, e.g., architecture, intermodal freight, rural, TEA-21, and more. The point is to allow Web visitors to find the information fast and to download it. The "What's Hot" button is the path to instant access to new releases. Finally, the ITS JPO Web site allows visitors to learn about ITS staff or ITS projects in their home state. It also provides answers to frequently asked questions. Most importantly, visitors can offer suggestions to improve the site or make requests for more information by e-mailing JPO.

Mary Pigott is an outreach team member of DOT's Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office.



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