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Publication Number:      Date:  Nov/Dec 1999
Issue No: Vol. 63 No. 3
Date: Nov/Dec 1999



New Technologies Improve Cost-Effectiveness of CMA

by W.C. Ormsby

In an effort to find an efficient, economical, and environmentally acceptable treatment for pavements to remove ice and snow on roadways, FHWA conducted a study, which found that calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) was an excellent alternative deicer to salt. This article discusses CMA and the economics of using CMA instead of salt.

TFHRC Hosts Collaborative Retroreflective Testing Effort

To ensure that commercially available retroreflectometers meet the requirements of the state highway agencies, FHWA contracted with HITEC to perform a standard group evaluation of the devices.

The PAIR Initiative: Repairing and Revitalizing Our Nation's Physical Infrastructure

by Richard A. Belle

The Partnership for the Advancement of Infrastructure and its Renewal (PAIR) aims to put an end to the management-by-crisis approach to infrastructure repair and renewal. PAIR will work with leaders from both the private and public sectors to form collaborative partnerships that bring the best construction technologies and processes to the marketplace.

FHWA Creates an Office of Asset Management

by Madeleine Bloom

FHWA established the Office of Asset Management on Feb. 1, 1999. FHWA aims to effectively manage transportation systems from a user's perspective and to make integration a major goal of the new office.

TRB Superpave Committee: Keeping SuperpaveT Implementation on the Road

by Neil F. Hawks

TRB Superpave Committee works to keep the Superpave program alive and well.

Knowledge Management: Everyone Benefits by Sharing Information

by Mike Burk

FHWA is taking steps to better manage the collective expertise of its employees and partners. With managed knowledge, information can flow across organizational lines, reach the people who can use it in ways that best promote the FHWA's goals, and enhance service to the customer.

Are You Ready for Y2K?

In a report entitled Are You Ready? Managing Transportation Resources Through the Y2K Weekend, which is available on the Internet at https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/Y2K/y2k.pdf, FHWA and Public Technology Inc. provide information and suggestions to help governments to prepare for the Y2K weekend and to build public confidence in the adequacy of those preparations.

FHWA Partners With Brigham Young University to Develop State-of-the-Art Hydraulic Modeling Environment

by Larry A. Arneson

FHWA has partnered with Brigham Young University to explore two-dimensional computer modeling of surface-water flows. This modeling provides a level of detail and accuracy not previously available to highway hydraulic engineers.

Highway Finance Information: A Key 21st Century Transportation Decision-Making Tool

by Thomas W. Howard

Highway finance data is currently used extensively for a wide range of key efforts, and FHWA plans to make greater use of highway finance data in the future in support of the Department of Transportation's Strategic Plan and in other forward-looking ways.

Condition and Performance of Epoxy-Coated Rebars in Bridge Decks

by Ali Akbar Sohanghpurwala and William T. Scannall

FHWA and partners provided funding for a joint research project to evaluate in-service bridge decks constructed with epoxy-coated reinforcing steel. The study examines the long-term performance of epoxy-coated reinforcing steel in concrete bridges and structures exposed to salt.



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