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Memo: Guidance on the Approval Process for Outdoor Advertising Control Pilots

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ACTION: Guidance on South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) Outdoor Advertising Nonconforming Sign Upgrade "Pilot Project" - South Carolina
November 6, 2008
Gloria M. Shepherd
Associate Administrator for
Planning, Environment and Realty
Reply to:
Ed Kosola (202) 493-0350
Robert L. Lee
Division Administrator
Columbia, SC

The purpose of this correspondence is to provide guidance in response to your October 8, memorandum forwarding the SCDOT Outdoor Advertising Nonconforming Sign Update "Pilot Project" proposal for review. This memorandum is to provide approval for the pilot project proposal to be presented at a public hearing. The proposal is a 3 year effort that will allow the upgrading of certain nonconforming signs along Interstate 95 and Interstate 26 in exchange for permanent removal of others (on a ratio of 2 - 4 removed per 1 upgraded). The pilot is in reference to 23 CFR 750.707(d)(5) which pertains to maintenance and continuance of nonconforming signs. We appreciate the extensive effort your staff and the SCDOT personnel have made in developing the pilot project and making changes during our preliminary review.

The pilot project proposal has been developed in accordance with the August 30, 2005, Guidance on the Approval Process for Outdoor Advertising Control Pilots (see the Realty web site: and is approved for presentation at a public hearing. Please make the pilot project proposal available to all stakeholders and interested parties prior to conducting the public hearing. The public hearing must be conducted in accordance with the SCDOT's public involvement procedures and the FHWA requirements in 23 CFR 771.111(h). A summary of the public involvement process, including a report on the issues, interests and responses, must be included in the SCDOT's request to the FHWA for final approval of the pilot project proposal.

We look forward to the results of the public involvement process and are very interested in receiving a final proposal for approval. If you have any questions, please contact Cathy O'Hara at (202)366-9901.

Federal Highway Administration
Office of Real Estate Services
E.Kosola:lb:10/29/08:SCDOT Memo.doc (Correspondence file)

The attached memo will be sent by e-mail.

cc: Cathy O'Hara, Ed Kosola, Janis Gramatins, Mel Cooper (SC Division), Gerald Solomon, Gloria Shepherd, Jackie Jenkins

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