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FHWA Office of Real Estate Services Research Results: Public Sector Real Estate Certification Needs Analysis

I. Project Overview

This section provides an overview of Phase I of the Uniform Act Certification Needs Analysis project including a brief project overview, a discussion of project objectives and an outline of the project approach and methodology utilized to meet these objectives.

A. Project Background

The Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended (Uniform Act) provides the framework, rules and procedures under which private property is acquired for public benefit on projects funded all or in part by Federal funds. Federal, State, and Local Public Agency staff and private consultants who work with or under the Uniform Act are considered to be operating in the arena of “public sector real estate”.      These individuals perform a number of roles including appraisal, negotiation with property owners, property acquisition, relocation of displaced property owners and property management of acquired real estate.

Currently, the public sector real estate profession is facing a number of business drivers.   These include:

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B. Project Scope and Objectives

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), in its role as the lead agency for the Uniform Act, believes one of the ways to mitigate some of the risk associated with these business drivers is through expanded education and training programs that are linked to Uniform Act-based learning requirements. One component of such an education program is a professional certification program for public sector real estate.

To assess the feasibility of defining and implementing a professional certification program for individuals working with or under The Uniform Act, FHWA commissioned a study in the fall of 2003 to evaluate the market value of such a certification.  

This project effort was divided into two phases.  Phase I included the assessment of the need for a professional certification for public sector real estate professionals, an evaluation of the potential market value of this certification and recommendations concerning the steps required to implement such a certification program if appropriate.  A Phase II study could have consisted of a high-level curriculum design of a certification program.  The FHWA decided not to initiate a Phase II study.

The Phase I Uniform Act Certification Needs Analysis has the following objectives: 

The remaining sections of this report provide a summary of the findings and recommendations of this research project as follows:  

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