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Business Relocation Assistance Retrospective Study

Attachment B - Letter to State DOTs


[Contact and Address]

Re: DTFH61-10-F-00097
Federal Highway Administration
Business Relocation Assistance Retrospective Study

Dear [State DOT ROW Director]:

As you are probably aware, O.R. Colan Associates (ORC) is conducting a Business Relocation Assistance Retrospective Study on behalf of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Real Estate Services. The primary focus of this research effort is to determine the costs that a business incurs which would be reimbursable if there was not a statutory maximum amount for reestablishment expenses, and to examine the additional fixed payment (in-lieu payment) a business would be eligible to receive. The FHWA Office of Real Estate Services will use this information to further assess the adequacy of the current benefit levels, and to document a need for benefit level update.

FHWA selected seven (7) State Departments of Transportation to participate in this study, and one of the tasks involved in this analysis is the review of a minimum of twenty-five (25) business relocation files in each State. Since the [State] Department of Transportation is taking part in the study, ORC wanted to contact you in advance of this file review to let you know the parameters FHWA has established for the displaced businesses that should be selected for review.

Each business identified for the file review should conform to the following criteria:

FHWA has also requested that we obtain a cross-section of business types and business structures for this review. Following is a matrix ORC developed that you can use to identify businesses for file review:

    Business Structure
    Sole Proprietorship Partnership Corporation Limited Liability Corporation Professional Association
Type of Business Retail          

Using this approach, we should have a sample based on the full range of the matrix, assuring there is representation from each of the business structure types, and type or nature of the business.

The research effort will also benefit if you can include:

Since we will subsequently conduct interviews with the business owners/operators who are the subject of the file reviews, we think it would be beneficial to identify 35-40 files. These additional businesses will provide an opportunity to review a more varied sampling of business types and structures, as well as offer a higher likelihood that we can later locate 25 business owners to interview. We realize that you may not be able to identify businesses that match every category in this matrix because of your work program over the last 5 years.

[ORC Researcher] will be reviewing the business relocation files for your agency, and I believe he has already contacted you. As [ORC Researcher] explained, if you can consolidate the files in one geographic location for review it will certainly facilitate the study. We will be in touch with you shortly to schedule the actual dates of the file review, which we anticipate will take 4-5 days.

Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions regarding the information in this letter or you can reach [ORC Researcher] at [Phone] or [Email]. O. R. Colan Associates appreciates your participation in this study and we are looking forward to a successful research effort.


[Project Manager]




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