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Property Management Tools and Techniques


[1] See Appendix A for a list of participants at each of the regional roundtable meetings.

[2] FHWA Project Development Guide, Chapter

[3] See FHWA’s Project Development Guide, Chapter 12,Property Management, for more

[4] FHWA has also recommended that computer applications should be considered in carrying out these functions. For example, see section 12.1.2 of HEPR’s Project Development Guide at

[5] In one example, the New Mexico DOT received an FWHA Technical Specialties Honorable Mention Award in 2004 for its efforts to implement a GIS into its estate land and ROW management

[6] A comprehensive list of example ROW systems currently in use by transportation agencies is included inNCHRP 8-55A: Developing a Logical Model for a Geo-Spatial Right-of-Way Land Management Systemavailable at report also includes a thorough description of various ROW system types, ranging from those that support a single ROW activity (“individual systems”) to those that include the majority of ROW functional areas (“large enterprise systems”).

[7] For Caltrans, “abatements” are recoveries of expenditures that have already been incurred by the department and include property damages or loss recoveries, employee salary overpayments, and jury duty fees.

[8] For more information on CDOT’s property inventory, see Chapter 7 of the CDOT ROW Manual at

[9] Xriver Technologies LLC.2008.Appraisal, Acquisition, and Relocation System.

[10] An uneconomic remnant results when the acquiring agency only partially acquires property, with the remaining property being determined to have little or no value to the owner.

[11] TDOT Performance Audit, available at

[12] Krugler, Paul and Sergiy Butenko.2010.Development of Decision-Making Support Tools for Early Right-of-Way Acquisitions.

[13] Hancock, 2011.NCHRP 8-55A: Developing a Logical Model for a Geo-Spatial Right-of-Way Land Management System, available at:

[14] Some regional roundtable participants pointed out a frustration that the earnings from sold properties are not typically directed back into the property management function.

[15] Ibid footnote 13.

[16] In 2008, HEPR recognized the Oregon DOT’s ROW Division with a “Technical Specialties Awards” for the Division’s creation of the “ROW Data Management System.” The system gives public and contractors access to certain summary property information and forms via the Internet.

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