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Your Rights and Benefits as a Displaced Person under the Federal Relocation Assistance Program

Section 1 - Relocation Advisory Services

This publication was superseded October 2014. This version was retained for archival purposes.

A relocation counselor will contact you and offer relocation assistance service.

Any individual, family, business or farm displaced by a Federal or federally assisted program shall be offered relocation assistance services for the purpose of locating a suitable replacement property. Relocation services are provided by qualified personnel employed by the Agency. It is their goal and desire to be of service to you, and assist in any way possible to help you successfully relocate.

Remember, your relocation counselor is there to help and advise you, so please be sure to make full use of the counselor's services. Do not hesitate to ask questions and be sure you fully understand all your rights and benefits.

An individual with a disability will be provided the assistance needed to locate and move to a replacement dwelling or site. The individual should notify the Agency of any special requirements for assistance.

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Residential Assistance

A relocation counselor from the Agency will contact and interview you to find out your needs. Relocation services and payments will be explained in accordance with your eligibility. During the initial interview your housing needs and desires will be determined as well as your need for assistance.

The counselor will offer assistance and provide a current listing of comparable properties. You will be provided a written determination of the amount of replacement housing payment for which you qualify. The counselor can supply information on other Federal and State programs in your area.

Transportation will be offered to inspect housing referrals. The Agency will provide counseling or help you get assistance from other sources as a means of minimizing hardships in adjusting to your new location.

You cannot be required to move unless at least one comparable decent, safe, and sanitary (DSS) replacement dwelling is made available to you.

Please let your counselor know if you locate a replacement dwelling so that it can be inspected to assure that it meets DSS standards.

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Business, Farm, And Nonprofit Organization Assistance

A relocation counselor from the Agency will contact and interview you to find out your needs and replacement site requirements and estimate the time needed to accomplish the move. Relocation services and payments will be explained in accordance with your eligibility. It is important to explain to the counselor any anticipated problems. During the initial interview the relocation counselor will ask many questions to determine your financial ability to accomplish the move, including lease terms and other obligations.

The counselor will help determine the need for outside specialists to plan, move, and reinstall personal property. The counselor will identify and resolve any issues regarding what is real estate and what is personal property to be relocated. The counselor will explore and provide advice as to possible sources of funding and assistance from other local, State, and Federal agencies. In addition, as needed, the relocation counselor will maintain listings of commercial properties and farms.

The goal is to achieve a successful relocation back into the community.

Social Services Provided By Other Agencies

Your relocation counselor will be familiar with the services provided by other public and private agencies in your community. If you have special problems, the counselor will make every effort to secure the services of those agencies with trained personnel who have the expertise to help you. Make your needs known in order that you may receive the help you need.

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Updated: 5/8/2015
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