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Integration and Streamlining Transportation Development and Decision Making: State of the Practice Synthesis Report

2 Review of Literature

JFA conducted an extensive review of existing literature related to transportation decision-making methods and the development of transportation solutions in federal, state and local environments. This review focused particularly on the integration of the real estate, engineering, planning and environment disciplines in this process. It also included a review of integration efforts undertaken by states, cities, counties, planning organizations, federal government agencies and foreign countries.

Efforts to identify relevant studies and information included internet searches, discussions with involved FHWA parties, and discussions with relevant American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), Transportation Research Board (TRB) and other transportation-related entity committee members. In addition, JFA consulted with the members of a Sounding Board assembled for this project. The Sounding Board was established by JFA with input from FHWA as a cross-disciplinary group of individuals in the real estate, planning, environment and engineering disciplines. The role of the Sounding Board was to serve in an advisory capacity throughout the duration of the project. The group consisted of 18 members representing various STDs and Federal Highway division offices.1 The first task asked of the Sounding Board members was to recommend relevant reports or other documents on the subject of transportation decision-making and the roles and interaction of the various disciplines in that process.

The result of the literature search was an annotated bibliography of reports, presentations, guidance documents, websites, transportation trade journal articles and other materials relevant to transportation solution development. Materials reviewed in the annotated bibliography cover subjects including value engineering, context sensitive design, smart growth, land use, the statewide transportation planning process, NEPA and other environmental guidelines and processes, innovative right-of-way practices, and specific STD streamlining and transportation planning practices and procedures. The complete annotated bibliography is included in Appendix B.

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1 Appendix A provides the names, titles and affiliations of each Sounding Board member, as of February 2002. (back)

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