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Real Estate Training Needs Analysis

Chapter 2 - Course Descriptions

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International Right of Way Association

Course Title: Environmental Awareness

Course Number: 100

Sponsoring Organization: International Right of Way Association

Course Description:Upon completion of this class, the student will have the ability to apply real estate law terms and concepts; understand the concepts of metes and bounds and other property description systems; know the three basic methods of appraising fee property; understand the various types of negotiations, understand the basic concepts of successful negotiations; and be aware of the environmental concerns and the applicable relocation requirements involved with property acquisition and management.

Topics include:

Target Audience:This course is directed toward the new right-of-way person-a person who has little or no experience in the right-of-way field.

Attendance Restrictions: None

Course Length:4 days

Course Fee: Member-$615

Contact Information: Connie Sanchez
Senior Course Coordinator
IRWA Headquarters
Pacifica Harbor Business Center #220
Torrance, CA 90502-1144
Phone: (310) 538-0233
Fax: (310) 538-1471

Keywords:Introductory Real Estate

State Departments on Transportation

Course Title: Real Estate Services Procedures

Course Number: N/A

Sponsoring Organization: Washington Department of Transportation

Course Description:This is an introduction to basic right-of-way functions, including administration, negotiations, appraisal and review, the role of FHWA, legal descriptions, property management, relocation assistance, condemnations, local agency programs, acquisition descriptions and right-of-way plans, vesting, encumbrances, instruments and payment vouchers, the complete transaction. The instruction is followed by a review, a test, and a review of the test.

Target Audience:Mostly new agents from three sources: Washington Department of Transportation employees, local public agency employees, and right-of-way consultant employees working for WDOT. This course is part of the training curriculum for seasoned clerical staff moving into an "In Training" R/W position.

Attendance Restrictions: None, but WDOT staff has priority. Maximum class size is about 30.

Course Length:5 days

Course Fee: None. Consultants must attend on their own time, not at our expense.

Contact Information:Ken Leingang, Assistant Director for Title and Condemnations or Gerry Gallinger, Director
Washington State Department of Transportation
Real Estate Services Office
310 Maple Park Avenue
Olympia, Washington 98504-7338
Phone:(360) 705-7324 (KL)
(360) 705-7305 (JP)
Fax:(360) 705-6811

Keywords:Introductory Real Estate

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Analysis Table of Contents | Acknowledgments | Letter from the Directors | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Appendix

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