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Real Estate Training Needs Analysis

Chapter 3 - Litigation / Legal Courses

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Appraisal Institute

Course Title: Litigation Appraising: Specialized Topics and Applications

Course Number: Specialty Course 705 (Formerly Course 730)

Sponsoring Organization: Appraisal Institute

Course Description: This two-day course provides an overview of business opportunities in specialized types of litigation, other than eminent domain, in which the valuation of real estate is frequently an issue. Examples of topics covered include environmental contamination, ad valorem tax assessments, construction defects, bankruptcies, fraud and misrepresentation cases, income and estate tax disputes, and divorces. Participants will gain an understanding of the terminology and concepts involved in providing litigation- valuation services in specialty areas and will learn about the many opportunities available for expanding their practices in litigation valuation. Through problem-solving activities, participants will apply new concepts and address how to best handle valuation and reporting issues in a professional legal setting.

The course covers the following topics:

Target Audience: Experienced residential and commercial appraisers interested in learning about the skills required to provide litigation valuation services in specialty areas.

Attendance Restrictions: Successful completion of Appraisal Institute Courses 110 and 120, or equivalent educational background, is required. Appraisal Institute Continuing education Credit-Under Regulation No. 10 of the Appraisal Institute, full attendance and completion of the examination qualify designated members for 16 Appraisal Institute continuing education credit hours. Attendance only qualifies designated members for 15 Appraisal Institute continuing education credit hours.

Course Length: Classroom/Examination Hours-15 classroom hours/1 exam hour.

Course Fee: $90

Contact Information:
The Information Center
Appraisal Institute
875 N. Michigan Ave., Ste. 2400
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: (312) 335-4140
Fax: (312) 335-4200

Keywords: Litigation


Bureau of Land Management

Course Title: Adjudicative Decision Writing

Course Number: 3000-08

Sponsoring Organization: Bureau of Land Management

Course Description: A basic-to-intermediate level course for a combined Lands and Minerals audience. Course content includes:

Upon completion of this class, students will be able to:

Target Audience: Realty specialists, land law examiners, legal clerks

Attendance Restrictions: None

Course Length: 4.5 days

Course Fee: $650 for non-BLM enrollment

Contact Information:
June Bailey
Training Coordinator
9828 N. 31st Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85051
Phone: (602) 906-5524
Fax: (602) 906-5555

Keywords: Litigation, writing


Federal Highway Administration / Office of Real Estate Services

Course Title: Outdoor Advertising Control Workshop

Course Number: 141042 (Technical Assistance)

Sponsoring Organization: Federal Highway Administration / Office of Real Estate Services

Course Description: This one-day orientation session is a brief introduction into effective control of billboards. An FHWA program office representative will provide a history and overview of the Outdoor Advertising legislation. Workshop topics include: State/Federal agreements; which highways are subject to control; what constitutes effective control; scenic byways; new technology and zoning and related issues that impact effective control efforts.

Target Audience: State Outdoor Advertising Control Personnel

Attendance Restrictions: None

Course Length: 1 day

Course Fee: $700

Contact Information:
Bryan O'Neill
Office of Real Estate Services
Federal Highway Administration
U.S. Department of Transportation
400 7th St. SW Suite 3221
Washington, DC 20590
Phone: (202) 366-9881
Fax: (202) 366-3713
E-mail: Bryan.O'

Keywords: Litigation

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Analysis Table of Contents | Acknowledgments | Letter from the Directors | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Appendix

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