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Real Estate Training Needs Analysis

Chapter 3 - Other Real Estate-Related Courses Table of Contents

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
150 Real Property Skills
U.S. Forest Service
PRLS 560 Liability and Risk Management
PRLS 636 Site Planning, Operation, and Maintenance
PRLS 646 Right-of-Way


Farm Credit Administration
Fundamentals of Appraisal Review (FAR)
National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers
1.3 Construction & Development of Residential Real Estate Appraising
1.3A Basic Construction Terminology
1.3B Mobile/Manufactured Home Review
1.3C Heating and Air Conditioning Review
1.4A Report Writing-Residential Real Estate Appraising
4.4 Relocation Report Writing 311
4.4A Relocation Report Writing
4.7B Preparing Your Listing for FHA Financing
4.7C Bridging the Gap between Lenders and Appraisers
4.8 HUD 203K Program: Mortgage & Appraisal Procedures
4.9 HUD Review Requirements
5.0B Limited Scope Appraisals and USPAP
5.0C Alternative Appraisal Report Forms for Limited Appraisal Assignments
5.1 Institutional Regulation of Real Estate Appraisal
5.2 Fair Lending Requirements: Effect On Real Estate Appraisal and Report Writing
6.1 Liability Risk Management for Real Estate Appraisers
6.2 Marketing the Appraiser
8.0 Internet for Appraisers
8.1 Hands-On Internet and the Appraisal Practice


Bureau of Land Management
3000-08 Adjudicative Decision Writing
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Mitigation for Homeowners (Independent Study)


National Highway Institute
142018 Functional Assessment of Wetlands
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
EC7179 Rights-of-Way Habitat Management


Bureau of Land Management
1730-32 Foundations for Land Tenure
3000-10 Senior Adjudication Seminar
Complex Use Authorization


Appraisal Institute
Specialty Course 705 Litigation Appraising:
Specialized Topics and Applications
Bureau of Land Management
3000-08 Adjudicative Decision Writing
Federal Highway Administrations/Office of Real Estate Services
141042 Outdoor Advertising Control Workshop


International Right of Way Association
H001 Metrics for the Right of Way Professional


International Right of Way Association
700 Introduction to Property Management
701 Property Management: Leasing
703 Real Property Asset Management
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
007 Real Estate Basic Outgrants and Disposals
073 Real Estate Management and Disposal
U.S Forest Service
PRLS 635 Recreation Special Uses and Appeals
2000-19 Earthwork and Reclamation for Realty and Minerals Actions
International Right of Way Association
215 Pipeline Right-of-Way Agent's Development Program
900 Principles of Real Estate Engineering
National Highway Institute
134006 Highway/Utility Coordination Issues
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Space Management: Office Layout Workshop
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
TEC7 180 Rights-of-Way Pipeline Systems Short Course
U.S. Forest Service
PRLS 643 Special Uses Management on Federal Lands
PRLS 644 Linear Uses and FERC Licenses on Federal Lands
Bureau of Land Management
2000-21 Wireless Telecommunications Systems


U.S. Forest Service
PRLS 531 Natural Resources Recreation Planning
PRLS 533 Visitor Services: New Directions
PRLS 535 Evaluating Recreation Outcome


U.S. Forest Service
RLS 637 Trails, Off-Highway, and River Recreation

Analysis Table of Contents | Acknowledgments | Letter from the Directors | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Appendix

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