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Real Estate Training Needs Analysis

Letter from the Directors

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Dear Colleagues and Customers:

As we commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Uniform Act, both the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Real Estate community are aware of the work force challenges facing our profession. Now - more than ever - the demand for relevant, timely and flexible training has been articulated.

A key element of the FHWA strategic plan is aligning the Agency's resources within a national framework. Thus, we joined with IRWA, AASHTO and other Federal agencies to address these issues. This study is a comprehensive analysis of real estate training needs, as well as a listing of currently available opportunities. Formatted as a "needs" and "supply" side analysis, the effort included a series of focus groups, in-depth interviews and extensive input from Real Estate organizations, associations, consultants, and Federal, state and local agencies on currently available real estate training.

As the project evolved, it became clear how important it is for the dialogue among all real estate professionals to continue on matters of mutual significance. Thus, we thank our partners and contributors for collaborating with us on this project. We believe it will serve as a valuable resource to those responsible for implementing Federal real estate acquisition and relocation programs under the Uniform Act.


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Analysis Table of Contents | Acknowledgments | Letter from the Directors | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Appendix

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