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Visualization for Right-of-Way Acquisition

Appendix B. Phone Discussion Guide

  1. Please tell us your title and describe your main project responsibilities.
  2. In what capacities have you used visualization tools and techniques other than for ROW acquisition?
    • Who are the primary users and audiences?
  3. How did you first learn/think about using visualization for ROW acquisition? How were you introduced to the concept?
  4. Did you do/review any research on other agencies' use of visualization for ROW acquisition?
  5. Can you describe some specific situations/circumstances that called for using visualization for ROW acquisition purposes? What ROW acquisition need does/can visualization fill?
  6. Before you used visualization for ROW acquisition, how did you carry out the uses or communicate the relevant information/concepts to stakeholders? What, if anything, did visualization replace?
  7. Do you develop the visualizations in-house or do you hire consultants? If consultants, who?
  8. Can you estimate the development costs for a typical visualization application for ROW acquisition purposes?
    • When you consider the costs of visualization for ROW acquisition, do you view it as a cost associated primarily with the ROW process, or have you analyzed how the cost is spread over the entire project development spectrum?
    • What was the cost of developing/purchasing the visualization application relative to the total project development cost, or overall project delivery costs?
      • E.g., can you comment on the cost of developing a visualization tool compared to the potential increase in project costs due to construction delays?
    • Do you include staff training or maintenance costs in your calculation of the total cost of developing/purchasing the visualization application?
  9. What lessons learned/best practices can you share about pricing/costing/investing in visualization applications/tools/services based on your experience?
  10. Have you evaluated the benefits (actual cost-benefits or other) of using visualization?
    • Have you compared and contrasted different visualization methods/techniques for relative effectiveness? How have you done so?
  11. As a user, what have been the challenges of using visualization for ROW acquisition?
    • If you could do it all over again, would you have invested in the same tools for the same purposes? If no, what would you change?
  12. Have you received feedback from stakeholders about the relative benefits/advantages or disadvantages of using visualization for ROW acquisition?
    • How did you collect their feedback? What did they say?
  13. Do you have any ideas regarding what makes ROW acquisition so different such that visualization uses have not seeped over into the field yet as much as in other areas?
  14. Do you believe there is value in posting visualizations to social networking websites?
  15. What advice would you give to other states that are thinking of undertaking a similar project?
Updated: 9/5/2014
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