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AASHTO 2006 Clearinghouse Report

Geographic Boundaries for Right Of Way Work

The State of Virginia Department of Transportation requested a survey of the other states regarding geographic boundaries for R/W work.

  1. Do you have different geographic boundaries (regions) for right of way work than for project construction or maintenance?

  2. Please list a contact person for more information.


  1. Alabama has exactly the same geographic regions for right way acquisition as it does for other activities such as construction and maintenance.

  2. Paul Bowlin, ALDOT


  1. Alaska DOT&PF is organized into 3 Regions (Central, Northern, and Southeast) that include right-of-way activities as well as maintenance, construction etc.
    Right-of-Way is organized geographically with the statewide office in DOT&PF headquarters in Juneau, and three regional offices in Fairbanks (Northern), Anchorage (Central), and Juneau (Southeast).
    Headquarters / Statewide Right-of-Way office is managed by the state right-of-way chief, who is responsible for the development, implementation, and coordination of right-of-way policy and procedures, and is the primary contact for statewide right-of-way issues involving transportation.
    A regional chief right-of-way agent supervises each regional office. The regional offices are responsible for the acquisition and management of real estate for Alaska's transportation systems.

  2. For more information, please contact:
    Rick Kauzlarich
    AKDOT&PF State Right of Way Chief
    3132 Channel Drive Juneau AK 99801
    907-465-6962 / 800-467-6955
    Fax 907-465-5240
    Text 907-465-3652


  1. The Arizona Department of Transportation has ten highway construction and 9 maintenance districts throughout the state. Three of the districts, Flagstaff, Kingman and Yuma, contain a Right of Way Agent who is responsible for the coordination and monitoring of all Right of Way activities for projects within that district. The Agents are housed in the specific district, but report to the Right of Way Section in Phoenix. All Right of Way activities for the remaining districts are coordinated out of the Right of Way Section in Phoenix.
Flagstaff Color-coded district Map of Arizona, showing 9 maintenance districts
Phoenix Construction
Phoenix Maintenance
  1. The following Agents can be contacted for further information:

    Roxanne Turner, Kingman District, 928-681-6021
    Laurie Hawkins, Flagstaff District, 928-779-7571
    Dennis Patane, Yuma District, 928-317-2182

    The Manager of the above Agents is Jimmie Hansher, Statewide Acquisition. He can be reached in Phoenix at 602-712-8779.


  1. All right of way functions in Arkansas are handled from the Central Office in Little Rock.

  2. Perry M. Johnston
    Division Head
    Right of Way Division
    Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department
    P.O. Box 2261 Little Rock, Arkansas 72203
    501-569-2311 Office
    501-569-2018 Fax


  1. Yes - in California we have 12 districts and within the 12 districts there are three regions: Northern, Central and Southern R/W Region (only R/W is regionalized).

  2. Bimla Rhinehart


  1. CDOT has six regions throughout the state, and each is geographically defined to include ROW, construction and maintenance within those boundaries. Each region is staffed with a fully functional ROW section that includes plans/survey, appraisal/review, and acquisition/relocation under a region ROW manager. Unfortunately, due to an increasing inability to attract and retain appraisal positions in many of our regions, and the fact that the decentralization has greatly diminished our ability to provide training and mentoring to these individuals, we are looking at re-centralizing some of these positions. All property management functions are centrally located and occur under the maintenance section.

  2. No response to question 2.


  1. No.

  2. No response to question 2.


  1. Florida DOT has eight District Offices in addition to the Central Office in Tallahassee. All FDOT transportation operations are fully decentralized and managed from the District Offices by a District Secretary who reports directly to the Secretary of Transportation, including Construction, Maintenance and Right of Way. Sub offices (Urban Offices) have been established in some districts in some local areas. These sub offices may handle any of the above functions and report to the District Secretary.

  2. If you wish information about the specific operation of Construction or Maintenance in the District Offices, please contact:
    Ananth Prasad
    FDOT Chief Engineer


  1. Georgia has seven different districts based on geographic boundaries throughout the state; each district is responsible for all right of way and construction activities within their respective district. On rare occasions, the right of way staff from one district will acquire ROW within another district, typically in border counties.

  2. Phil Copeland


  1. Hawaii DOT has a centralized ROW Office/operation for our little State (in terms of highway miles). Although we have to fly to the outer districts, it seems that we can handle the larger construction district. Hopefully, with advancing technology, our reach is growing & our office will be able to handle the increasing volume of work.

  2. No response to question 2.


  1. Idaho has six districts. Each district has a construction, maintenance and right of way function within the district.

  2. Leonard G. Hill


  1. Illinois DOT has nine districts each with their own individual right-of-way groups. Recently, we adopted a "region" approach for top management combining two districts (excluding our Chicago metro district) under a region headed by a Regional Engineer (we now have five regional engineers vs. the old nine district engineers). Still, to date, each district organization remains in tact without any regionalization of any other assignments or activities.

  2. Feel free to contact Richard Hunter if you have questions.


  1. The Commonwealth of Kentucky has 12 fully staffed Districts (dividing 120 counties) that have functions in Design, Right of Way, Utilities, Construction, Maintenance and Traffic.

  2. No response to question 2.


  1. No, not in the past. However, this could change in the future due to shortage of R/W personnel and the increase in consultant use being handled out of the Central HQ office.

  2. Lloyd Scallan.


  1. MaineDOT has morphed from a centralized Statewide Right of Way Division to Program regionalized teams. The teams are dedicated to specific types of projects; bridge, rural construction, urban construction, etc. and are made up of designers, CADD technicians, geotech engineers, construction managers, appraisal reviewer, appraisers, negotiators, etc. We have some teams that cover just one of our five maintenance divisions, but we also have teams that cover two or three regions.

  2. A central Property Office is in place for policy, procedures, training, quality and troubleshooting.


  1. Maryland uses the same boundaries as Construction and Maintenance.

  2. No response to question 2.


  1. No.

  2. Russ McGilvray
    Deputy Director, ROW


  1. Mn/DOT is organized the same way as Virginia: R/W groups in each Construction/Maintenance district.

  2. No response to question 2.


  1. In Mississippi, we have six districts. Each district handles construction and maintenance activities. ROW, environmental and design are handled from the state office. It keeps us busy because we have six ‘clients.'

  2. You can contact me or the assistant ROW administrator, Tim Cooper.: 601-359-7554.

    Dan Smith
    Right of Way Division
    Mississippi Dept. of Transportation


  1. Yes. We have eight field districts for construction and maintenance but all ROW activity is centrally located.

  2. Randy Needham
    Right of Way Manager
    Nebraska Department of Roads


  1. New Hampshire Right-of-Way functions are centralized; therefore one bureau located in the middle of the state covers the entire state. We do have six maintenance districts.

  2. For questions contact Bill Janelle, 603-271-3222.


  1. North Dakota's Right of Way Section is centralized. North Dakota has eight different Districts. Construction and Maintenance is handled by the eight Districts. There is also a Construction Division and Maintenance Division in the central office, which is located in Bismarck, North Dakota.

  2. Donald H. Wolf
    NDDOT Right of Way Director
    608 East Boulevard Avenue
    Bismarck, ND 58505-0700


  1. Ohio has four Regional Offices that handle the R/W acquisition functions for multiple (three each) Districts. We find it very efficient. The Districts still have a small R/W office that gets involved in R/W plan preparation, Utility relocations and encroachment removals. The District offices have two to five staff members. Our Regions have 20-22 staff members and everything from title preparation through condemnation/closings and asbestos abatement runs through them.

  2. Please contact me directly if you have any questions.
    Jim Viau
    Office of Real Estate
    FAX 614.466-0158


  1. First, Oregon DOT has five regions statewide. The regions are responsible for the construction program. Within the regions there are a total of 15 maintenance districts. Each region has a Right of Way office which performs most of the acquisition and relocation activities for the region. HQ Right of Way performs the appraisal review, relocation review and approval, document preparations, title and closing/escrow functions, and condemnation processing. The individual districts within a region do not have their own right of way staff.

    Until very recently, all the HQ and region right of way personnel were under the authority of the State Right of Way Manager. ODOT has now decentralized and the region right of way staffs report to their regional technical center managers.

  2. Your second question was for a contact you could reach for additional information. I am a retired Right of Way Section manager who is back for a few months on temporary assignment. While I am here I am certainly available to talk with you. If I am no longer here, you can contact Richard Dunlap, the Right of Way Operations Manager. His phone number is: 503-986-3615

    Dennis Wiegal


  1. The SCDOT has 7 engineering District, while the right of way section has only four regions.

  2. I would be happy to answer any questions.
    Oscar K. Rucker


  1. No. SDDOT addresses right-of-way activities from a central office location. There are a few appraisers and acquisition agents that have field offices outside the central office. However, the work is directed and managed from a central office.

  2. You may contact Joel Gengler with further questions as necessary.


  1. Tennessee (TDOT) has four geographic regions/regional offices for almost all activities, including ROW/Relocation/Utilities. There is also a Headquarters ROW Office in Nashville. The only ROW activities that are central to Headquarters are contracting for appraisals, utility relocations, and railroad agreements. But the bulk of the daily activity takes place in the four regions.

  2. No response to question 2.


  1. Utah has decentralized the project delivery function (including ROW design) into four autonomous regions. The ROW acquisition function is still centralized and located at UDOT's headquarters.

  2. No response to question 2.


  1. Vermont has only one central ROW office.

  2. Willis J. Morse


  1. West Virginia has ten districts with a R/W office in each.

  2. No response to question 2.


  1. In answer to your question, Wisconsin does not have different regional geographic boundaries for its r/w work vs. construction or maintenance. Wisconsin is a decentralized organization and currently restructured its eight district offices into five regional offices plus a central office located in Madison. Regions consist of:

    • NE Region (Green Bay)
    • SE Region (Waukesha)
    • NC Region (Wisconsin Rapids and Rhinelander)
    • NW Region (Eau Claire and Superior)
    • SW Region (Madison and La Crosse)

      All functional areas (planning, design, R/W, maintenance, construction, etc.) have the same regional geographic configurations (assigned counties).

  2. If you need more information, you can contact:
    Becky Krugman
    Acquisition Manager

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