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Right-of-Way Training

Real Estate Learning And Development Requirements for Division Staff Responsible for Right-of-Way and Outdoor Advertising Control Programs

These requirements are for FHWA staff who are new to leading the Right-of-Way and Outdoor Advertising Control program roles in FHWA Division Offices. This core training is categorized into 2 sections of priority - 1) Immediate (within 3 months) and 2) Critical (within the first year). After the first year's requirements are successfully achieved, persons should be guided by FHWA's Right-of-Way Competency Framework to achieve the established right-of-way competencies and proficiency levels for the Division office role.

These requirements are for use by staff not in the Professional Development Program (PDP) in Right of Way/Environment. Persons in the PDP should refer to the Developmental Plan Guide for Right-of-Way/Environment Participants.

Training courses alone are not sufficient to develop the required competencies. Employees are encouraged to seek assistance from an experienced mentor and to combine training with practical experience in order to develop the competencies needed for successful performance.

Immediate Training - First 3 months:

  1. IRWA #100 - Principles of Land Acquisition

  2. NHI #141045 - Uniform Act Webcourse

  3. FHWA Outdoor Advertising Control CD-ROM (or self study powerpoint presentation/course manual/exam on staffnet)

Critical Training - First Year:

  1. NHI #141029 Basic Relocation OR International Right of Way Association (IRWA) #501- Relocation Assistance

  2. NHI #141031 Business Relocation OR IRWA #502 Business Relocation

  3. Appraisal Institute Course #110 - Appraisal Principles, OR American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers Course A-10 - Fundamentals of Rural Appraisal, OR IRWA Course 404 - Appraisal Theory and Principles

After the first year the existing ROW competency framework should be used to further guide training opportunities and developmental assignments. Consideration also needs to be given to the strengths and weaknesses of the State's ROW & Outdoor Advertising Control organization, volume of work in each program, inherent program complexities in that state. Additionally it would be advisable to do a statewide risk analysis as an aid in crafting future training and developmental plan based on the "State of the State."

The list below provides a menu for developing such a multi-year training plan.


Uniform Act One or more of the following:

Highway Beautification Act / Bonus Act One or more of the following:

Real Estate Regulations / Policies / Guidance All of the following:

Real Estate Consultant Management (the following or equivalent)


Appraisal Techniques One or More of the Following:

Approaches to Value One or more of the following:

Appraisal Review (Optional)

Specialty Appraisal (Optional)

Zoning / Land Use (Optional)

Highest and Best Use Analysis (optional)

Just Compensation / Damages / Benefits (optional)


Advisory Services, Replacement Housing Payments, Comparability, and Residential Moves one or more of the following:

Non-Residential Moves One or more of the following:

Last Resort Housing (optional)

Mobile Homes (optional)


Property Law / Interests / Title two or more of the following:

Property Descriptions (optional)

Negotiations (optional)

Condemnation one of the following:

Contaminated Property (optional)


Access Control The following or equivalent:

Leasing / Income (optional)

Pre/Post Construction Management One or more of the following:

Updated: 9/5/2014
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