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FHWA 2014 Excellence in Right-of-Way Awards

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Photo of four people in winter wear in fronte of a stone wall. Photo of 5 people around the ADOT Arizona Department of Transportation sign.

Photo of a field with ponds.Photo of a suspension bridge.


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Cover Photos

From top left to right: Wyoming DOT Shoshone & Arapaho (S&A)Right-of-Way Team (From left to right is Letitia Black, BIA; Colette Friday, S&A DOT; Nadine Vasquez, S&A DOT; Wildene Trosper, S&A DOT); Arizona DOT Strategies for Complicated Cost-to-Cures Team. (from left to right is Thomas Flynn, Richard Erickson, Paula Gibson, John Eckhardt, and Dave Edwards); ponds on former Snyder property; and Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project.

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Updated: 8/11/2015
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