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Technical Specialties Award

Ohio Department of Transportation
Property Management

Parcel successfully auctioned off by ODOT.This Award recognizes the Ohio Department of Transportation's (ODOT) District 9 and Central Office Real Estate staff for their successful efforts in property management. In early 2003, the ODOT began work on a major project in Lawrence County. The Lawrence County State Route 7 project involved replacing a typical two lane, non-limited access roadway with a modern limited access highway. ODOT's acquisitions resulted in 16 properties that were landlocked or were uneconomic remnants to the owners. ODOT recognized that they were going to acquire numerous improved parcels that, with a little work, would be economically viable parcels that could be sold.

The District needed to act quickly to reduce the potential for loss due to vandalism. By creating easements across three parcels acquired as uneconomic remnants, access was provided to three additional improved parcels that were landlocked. The District and Central Office decided to auction off the excess parcels. Several public interest articles in local newspapers generated interest in the auction, and a public auction announcement was advertised in all major local newspapers.

An open house was held the week prior to the sale, and the response was overwhelming. Approximately 450 people toured the homes during the open house. In October of 2003, the auction was held and attracted 69 registered bidders. Bids were received on all parcels but one, which was landlocked. Neither of the adjoining owners were interested in the property. The total appraised value of the parcels was $411,284. The minimum acceptable bids for the properties offered for sale totaled $274,073. No parcel sold for less than its appraised value.

The ODOT recognized that auctioning excess property would generate a return on the project investment and would result in funds that can be used on future Title 23 U.S.C. qualifying projects. The auction brought in $491,000 for future projects, which exceeded the total appraised value by $80,000. The local taxing district benefited by having these properties returned to the tax rolls, and 15 homeowners now occupy structures that otherwise would have been demolished.


Ohio Department of Transportation | Tom Corbin, Jr. | Dwight Daugherty | Douglas Maitland | Joe Manda | June Wayland | Randy Wilson

Auctioning excess property generates a $491,000 return

Technical Specialties Honorable Mention Award

New Mexico Department of Transportation
Property Management

GIS features allow the graphic to be zoomed-in and information windows to pop up as needed. In this illustration, an aerial photo layer is added to the project to show terrain and access points.This Honorable Mention Award recognizes the Property Management Unit of the Right-of-Way Bureau of the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT). The Property Management Unit has successfully implemented a Geographic Information System (GIS) into its daily operations. The Unit gives high priority to learning and using GIS applications as a tool for improving its many processes in the management of NMDOT-owned property. NMDOT owns 300 Excess Land (EL) parcels that were purchased at a total cost of over $10,000,000.

The Property Management Unit is responsible for the management of EL parcels and the legal use of highway right-of-way throughout the state. This entails the record keeping and maintenance of inventories for EL parcels, sales, abandonments, trades, leases, encroachments and road exchanges. They also answer requests for information on properties owned by the Department. Maintenance of records was difficult in the past because they were kept in hard copies or on microfiche in various locations. Through the use of GIS, they have greatly reduced record maintenance costs and have slashed their response time to internal and external customer requests to a matter of minutes rather than hours or days.

GIS has improved NMDOT's efficiency, quality of work, and service to its customers.


New Mexico Department of Transportation, Right-of-Way Bureau | Lester Cisneros | Pete Contreras | Bob Lopez | Phil Lujan | Ron Noedel

GIS greatly reduced record maintenance costs

Iowa Department of Transportation
Appraisal/Appraisal Review

Iowa Department of Transportation Appraisal Operational Manual.This Honorable Mention Award recognizes Bernard Banker and the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) for the development of their Appraisal Manual.

The Iowa DOT recognized there were concerns and a lack of confidence in their Appraisal Manual. Bernard Banker was transferred to the position of Chief Appraiser and immediately began to address these issues and strengthen the Iowa DOT's appraisal process. Bernard organized a partnering workshop in which Iowa DOT appraisers, fee appraisers, and attorneys participated. The objective of the workshop was to develop bonds of trust and respect; address attitudes, beliefs, assumptions, and prejudices; improve communications; and develop common goals, performance standards and cooperative relationships.

The workshop participants agreed that the Appraisal Manual should be updated. Enhancements in the final version of the Manual included reworking of various forms, including guidance on when to use forms and in which situations; recitation of appropriate case law throughout the Manual plus a synopsis in the appendix; and an in-depth explanation of how to use the forms furnished to the appraiser. The document is now available and provides appraisers the tools to competently prepare an eminent domain appraisal in Iowa.


Bernard BankerIowa Department of Transportation | Bernard Banker

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