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Joint Development Study

The report, hereafter referred to as the Study, was prepared in 1996. The purpose of the Study was to explore and explain transportation uses of joint development. The Study is comprised of a glossary, literature review, and joint development case studies. The case studies include:

The Study defines Joint Development as an effort by a public agency and a private developer to undertake a construction project. Joint Developments are usually a voluntary joining of governmental entities with private for-profit organizations to undertake mutually beneficial development in connection with public infrastructure. A Joint Development agreement generally contains formal legally binding language between a public entity and a private individual. Projects may also be initiated through a co-development. A co-development is an informal working arrangement in which the public agency and the private developer work together to complete their individual projects in a mutually beneficial way. The co-developers usually attempt to site and coordinate their projects based on a non-binding legal agreement.

Each case study within the Study is targeted on one of the following joint development activities:

The analysis of the case studies concentrates on several key issues related to joint development:

Successful joint development requires planning, supportive zoning and a single point of contact for the project. The Study identified four conditions necessary for successful joint development:

The Study identified several factors which may inhibit joint development:

Lessons learned from the case studies are:

Some innovative ideas drawn from the Study:

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