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49 CFR 24 - Non-Regulatory Supplements

Subpart F - Mobile Homes

Federal-Aid Policy Guide
February 23, 2007, Transmittal 37
NS 49 CFR 24F

Non-Regulatory Supplement

  1. MOBILE HOME PARK ENTRANCE FEES (49 CFR 24.301(g)(10)). Non-refundable entrance fees for mobile home parks are considered moving costs. If park entrance fees are incurred, eligible costs are equal to fees assessed at comparable mobile home parks.

  2. REPLACEMENT HOUSING PAYMENT FOR A PARTIAL OWNER OF A MOBILE HOME SITE (49 CFR 24.502 and 503). An owner-occupant of a mobile home, who is also a partial-owner of the mobile home site being acquired, is to be treated as an owner-occupant with an undivided interest in the home site. The displaced person would receive a replacement housing payment based on the difference between the asking price of a comparable mobile home site and the acquisition price of the mobile home site from which the displaced person was displaced. If there are no mobile home sites available for purchase, the displaced person could receive a rental assistance payment sufficient to rent a comparable mobile home site. If the mobile home is also acquired, or could not be relocated, the owner would also receive a payment sufficient to purchase a comparable mobile home.

  3. MOBILE HOME DOWN PAYMENT ELIGIBILITY (49 CFR 24.502(c)). When the owner of a mobile home rents the site from which he or she is displaced, the mobile home owner may either rent a replacement site and receive a rental assistance payment in accordance with 49 CFR 24.402(b) or purchase a replacement site and receive a down payment in accordance with 49 CFR 24.402(c).

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