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Presentations of Uniform Act Final Rule Implementation

Subpart A Changes

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(11) Dwelling site. The term dwelling site means a land area that is typical in size for similar dwellings located in the same neighborhood or rural area. (See appendix A, § 24.2(a)(11).) This will insure more accurate computations of replacement housing payments when a dwelling is located on a larger than normal site or when mixed use properties are involved.

(14) Household income. The term household income means total gross income received for a 12 month period from all sources (earned and unearned) including, but not limited to wages, salary, child support, alimony, unemployment benefits, workers compensation, social security, or the net income from a business. It does not include income received or earned by dependent children and full time students under 18 years of age. (See appendix A, § 24.2(a)(14) for examples of exclusions to income.) Federal, State and local agencies requested clarification in this area to administer relocation assistance benefits in a more fair and equitable manner.

(17) Mobile home. The term mobile home includes manufactured homes and recreational vehicles used as residences. (See appendix A, § 24.2(a)(17)). Provides guidance on the types of mobile homes and manufactured housing that are acceptable as comparable replacement dwellings for those displaced from mobile homes. This change was also driven by HUD's definition and clarification of a mobile home for its programs. The new definition intends to capture the current state of terminology concerning this term.

(33) Waiver valuation. The term waiver valuation means the valuation process used and the product produced when the agency determines that an appraisal is not required, pursuant to § 24.102(c)(2) appraisal waiver provisions. This definition was added for several reasons. The concept is extensively used in acquisition programs throughout the US. Additionally, the definition clarifies that it is not an appraisal and thus not subject to the Appraisal Foundation's USPAP and certain URA appraisal requirements.

Updated: 9/5/2014
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