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Presentations of Uniform Act Final Rule Implementation

Appraisal Realty/Personalty Report

Long Description: New Emphasis: Personal Property – § 24.103(a)(2)(i). Real Property – Appendix A § 24.103(a)(i).


From an implementation standpoint, it is critical to achieve responsible allocation of what is realty and what is personalty. The allocation will drive what is acquired vs. relocated. If this is not sorted out correctly, duplicate payments can result from situations where items acquired and owned by the agency are relocated at an additional expense. The determination of realty/personalty items as part of the appraisal process ensures proper handling of such items. The result is fair compensation and/or reimbursement of relocation expenses to the owners of the respective items. Legal counsel should be consulted if there are any questions as to the status of a given item.

An on-site meeting of the appraiser and relocation staff is essential to accomplishing this process. The result is then included in the appraisal report and serves as a guide in this area for the balance of the acquisition process.

IMPLEMENTATION: This will require a revision in the appraisal assignment to staff or contract specifications for fee appraisers to ensure inclusion of this information in the appraisal report. Additionally, if an onsite meeting with a relocation specialist is required, it should be specified as well.

Acquiring agencies will need to revise appraisal assignment and procurement procedures to accommodate this requirement. It will add work items for both the appraiser and relocation specialist , but this early coordination will save time, effort and cost as the acquisition/relocation phase is implemented.

Updated: 9/5/2014
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