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Comparability Requirements - Government-Assisted Housing



SUBPART C § 205(c)(2)(ii)(F)

Comparability Requirements - Government-Assisted Housing

The following two examples demonstrate the Effect of Program Standards Affecting the Criteria of "Comparable" for Governmental Subsidized Housing

Example One: Sam Allen lives alone in a three bedroom apartment which is in public housing. When the building is acquired in a federally-assisted project and Mr. Allen is required to move, Section 8 will only provide for a one bedroom replacement since his children no longer reside in the property. The one bedroom replacement is assumed to meet all tests for comparability due to the programmatic requirements of the subsidy program.

Example Two: John and Mary Rose live in a 3-bedroom apartment without any subsidy. They are displaced, and they obtain a Section 8 certificate for government-assisted housing. The Section 8 program limits their replacement housing unit to a 1-bedroom.

Information on how to handle cases involving government-assisted housing is available from HUD at

Updated: 9/5/2014
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