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Presentations of Uniform Act Final Rule Implementation

Reorganized Subpart

New Rule Old Rule
§ 24.301 Expanded § 24.301, § 24.303, § 24.305
§ 24.302Reworded § 24.302
§ 24.303NEW*
§ 24.304Unchanged § 24.304
§ 24.305New # only § 24.306
§ 24.306New # only § 24.307

*No longer subject to a $10,000 re-establishment cap.


§ 24.301 Payment for actual reasonable moving and related expenses.

The key changes in reorganizing this subpart were placing in § 24.301 all eligible and ineligible moving cost lists previously in § 24.303 (eligible) and § 24.305 (ineligible). The section was reworded to describe the eligible costs based on the origin of the moves. The reorganization was intended to make the section easier to read. In addition, one item formerly in re-establishment was moved to § 24.301. This pertained to reimbursement of fees for licenses, permits, and certifications.

§ 24.302 Fixed payment for moving expense - residential moves.

There was a slight rewording in § 24.302 relating to the Fixed Residential Moving Cost Schedule maintained by FHWA.

§ 24.303 Related nonresidential eligible expenses.

This new section contains three expense items that had formerly been listed under § 24.304. This can be a significant change for businesses as the items are no longer subject to the $10,000 limit. The three items moved from the previous section on re-establishment expenses were the following:

§ 24.304 Re-establishment expenses - nonresidential moves.

Four expense items were moved from this section: one was placed in § 24.301 and three were placed in the new § 24.303. This effectively stretches the $10,000 limit for eligible relocations.

§ 24.305 Fixed payment for moving expenses - nonresidential moves.

This section was renumbered from the old § 24.306 but otherwise remains the same.

§ 24.306 Discretionary utility relocation payments.

This section was renumbered from the old § 24.307 but otherwise remains the same.

Updated: 9/5/2014
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