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Presentations of Uniform Act Final Rule Implementation

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Reference: Subpart D § 24.301,303, 304

Changes in Business Moving Payments



Reference: Subpart D § 24.301,303, 304

Changes in Business Moving Payments

This example illustrates the changes in the amounts reimbursed under the old and new regulations, given an analysis of the expenditures for the same business move. (Reference Slide D-15)

Item Amount Old rule $$ New rule $$
Hauling $8,500 Move $8,500 Move $8,500
Reinstallation $5,000 Move $5,000 Move $5,000
Insurance $1,200 Move $1,200 Move $1,200
Direct Loss $4,200 Move $4,200 Move $4,200
Search $3,000 Move $1,000 Move $2,500
Utility Connection $4,000 Reestab $4,000 Move $4,000
Code items $5,000 Reestab $5,000 Reestab $5,000
Exterior Sign $2,500 Reestab $1,000* Reestab $2,500
Impact fee $5,000 Reestab $-0- Move $5,000
Modifications $3,500 Reestab $-0- Reestab $2,500*
Total payment from DOT $29,900 $40,400

Note: Each computed payment contains the maximum re-establishment amount of $10,000.

*partial payment due to $10,000 cap being reached

This example illustrates modifications in the rule regarding changes made by moving certain former business re-establishment payments to a new section 24.303 that has no monetary cap. Section 24.304 with the $10,000 cap now goes further because fewer potential claims compete for eligible reimbursement under that authority.

Additionally, the searching costs limit has been increased as well as eligible costs expanded to included the business owner's time to apply for permits, etc. and to negotiate the purchase of a replacement property.

Updated: 9/5/2014
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