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Presentations of Uniform Act Final Rule Implementation


Old Rule New Rule
§ 24.501
§ 24.502 Moved to Subpart D, § 24.301(g)(8) to (10)
§ 24.503 New rule: § 24.502
§ 24.504 New rule: § 24.503
§ 24.505 Parts in new rules: § 24.501, § 24.502, and § 24.503

The subpart was shortened by taking the moving cost provisions in former § 24.502 and fitting them within Subpart D under the eligible expense list. A reference to the Subpart D location § 24.301(g)(1) through (10) is included under new § 24.501(a). That paragraph had been in old § 24.505, which was eliminated in the new rule; the content from this section was consolidated elsewhere in the subpart.

§ 24.501 Applicability.

§ 24.502 Replacement housing payment for 180-day mobile homeowner displaced from a mobile home and/or from the acquired mobile home site.

§ 24.503 Replacement housing payment for 90-day mobile home occupants.

Updated: 9/5/2014
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