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Presentations of Uniform Act Final Rule Implementation

Mobile Home Replacement Scenarios

Replacement Housing Payments

Image: Mobile Home Replacement Scenarios


This graphic summarizes the possible mobile home ownership/tenancy situations that may be encountered.

Depending upon ownership and tenancy arrangements, several combinations of replacement housing calculation will need to be made and replacement housing and sites will need to be available.

Q.: Does the final rule change the treatment of mobile home owner/occupants who elect not to move their mobile homes?

The final rule reorganized and rewrote the provisions that apply to owner/occupants who elect not to move their mobile homes. The new rule, at § 24.502(d), defines an owner who elects not to relocate their mobile home as not displaced from their dwelling and not entitled to a replacement housing payment. The owner, as a displaced person, is entitled to moving costs to relocate the mobile home to a replacement site. The final rule allows such an owner to claim moving expenses under § 24.301. Eligible costs include the net payment allowable under the former regulation if the mobile home is moved under § 24.301(g)(8). (9), or (10), as well as other eligible costs under § 24.301(g)(1) to (7). If the mobile home is not moved by the owner, it may be sold on site, traded in on a replacement mobile home, or an agency could choose to purchase and dispose of it at its salvage value. The net benefits to the displaced person under the final rule are expected to be similar to those available under the former rule.

Updated: 9/5/2014
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