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Presentations of Uniform Act Final Rule Implementation

Summary of Top 10 Changes

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Uniform Act Revised Final Rule



Uniform Act Revised Final Rule

Summary of Top 10 Changes

  1. Expanded Business Advisory Services

    • 24.205(a)(4) Estimate availability of replacement business sites; Evaluate business move problems

    • 24.205(c)(2)(i) Determine relocation needs and preferences of business; advisory services, perform interviews

    • 24.205(c)(2)(i)(A) Replacement site requirements,

    • 24.205(c)(2)(i)(B) Determine need for specialist to assist in planning, moving, reinstallation

    • 24.205(c)(2)(i)(C) Determine personalty vs. realty issues prior to, or at time of appraisal of property

    • 24.205(c)(2)(i)(D) Estimate time required to vacate the site

    • 24.205(c)(2)(i)(E) Estimate anticipated difficulty locating replacement property

    • 24.205(c)(2)(i)(F) Identify advance relocation payments required for the move; determine agency's legal capacity to provide advance payments

  2. Expanded Business Relocation Expenses

    • 24.301(g)(17) Searching expense limits increased to $2,500, plus additional expenses are eligible

    • 24.303 The following expenses will be paid on an actual basis if the agency determines they are reasonable and necessary

    • Utility connection from right-of-way to replacement site;

    • Professional services, ie., soil testing;

    • Impact fees or one-time assessments for anticipated heavy usage

  3. 30% Income Rule for Rental Assistance Payment

    • 24.402(2)(ii) Applies 30% income rule only to low income persons "base monthly rent"; Reference HUD's Annual Survey of Income Limits based on household size, geographic location

  4. Subpart B No Exception for Direct Federal Program or Project

    • 24.101(a) Subpart B applies to all directly Federal-funded projects; with the exception of Tennessee Valley Authority or the Rural Utilities Service

  5. Decent, Safe and Sanitary Definition Revised

    • 24.2(a)(8)(iv) Must comply with local code/agency policy

    • Adequate in size respect to bedrooms, area of living space, separation of sleeping quarters by gender

    • Accommodate those with physical disabilities

  6. Elimination of Style of "Living Phrase"

    • 24.2(a)(6)(ii) Removal of this phrase is intended to eliminate abuse of interpretation; dwelling should be functionally equivalent (utility vs. esthetics)

  7. Waiver Valuation Increase

    • 24.102(c)(2)(ii) Option to perform a waiver valuation with an increased limit of $10,000, with a maximum of $25,000 if an appraisal is offered and approved by leading agency

  8. Conflict of Interest Increase

    • 24.102(n)(3) Appraisers/review appraiser/wavier valuation preparer may be Authorized to negotiate on subject property if the value of the property is less than $10,000. and the valuation is uncomplicated

    • Limit increased from $2,500 to $10,000

  9. Replacement Housing Payments

    • 24.402(c) Renters who buy may apply the full rent supplement to downpayment

    • 24.401(f) Owners who rent may receive up to actual payment differential; $5,250 cap was removed for 180-day owners, so amount to purchase supplement is available as rent supplement if justified

  10. Agency must not solicit or propose Relocation Benefit Waiver

    • 24.207(f) Agency must advise displacee of their entitled benefits and not solicit a waiver of such rights as part of a global settlement

Updated: 9/5/2014
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