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Office of Planning, Environment, & Realty (HEP)

Real Estate Acquisition Guide For Local Public Agencies


(Moving Cost) Schedule

23 CFR Part 710

30-Day Notice

49 CFR Part 24

90-Day Notice - 1st and 2nd Occurrence

Accelerated Negotiations

Access Control


Actual Direct Loss of Tangible Personal Property

Actual Moving Expenses

Administrative Settlement(s)

Advisory Services

Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)


Appraisal Review

Appraisal Review Contracting

Appraisal Waiver

Approaches to Value (Appraisal Methods - Cost, Income Capitalization & Sales Comparison)

Approved Appraisal - 1st and 2nd Occurrence


Assurances (Uniform Act)

Board of Commissioners

Business Displacements


Coercive Action

Comparable Replacement Dwelling

Condemnation - 1st and 2nd Occurrence


Contaminated Property (Hazardous/Toxic Waste)

Contracting for Right-of-Way Services

Cost (appraisal approach)

Cost of Substitute Personal Property (Relocation Assistance)

Credits (Cost-Sharing)


Decent, Safe and Sanitary (DSS)


Deficient Appraisals

Definition of Appraisal

Detailed Appraisal

Direct Federal Acquisition

Disconnect Costs

Displaced Person

Disposal of Access Control

Disposal of Excess Property

Donations - 1st and 2nd Occurrence

Eminent Domain


Environmental Justice

Environmental Planning Process

Fair Market Value - 1st and 2nd Occurrence


Federal-aid program - 1st and 2nd Occurrence

Federal Highway Administration Brochures

Fifth Amendment (constitution)

Fixed Moving Expenses Payment

Fourteenth Amendment (constitution)

Functional Replacement

General Information Notice

Government-Wide Regulation

Hardship and Protective Buying

Highest and Best Use

In lieu payment

Incidental Expenses (settlement expenses - residential relocation)

Increased Mortgage Interest Costs

Interim Leasing

Inverse Condemnation

Just Compensation - 1st and 2nd Occurrence

Lead Agency - 1st and 2nd Occurrence


Legal Settlements

Local Public Agency Coordinator


Minimum Qualifications of Appraisers

Minimum Standards

Mobile Homes (relocation of)


Negotiation Options

Negotiator log (record)

NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) - 1st and 2nd Occurrence

Notice of Relocation Eligibility (90-day & 30-day notices)

Offer of Just Compensation - 1st and 2nd Occurrence

Payment Before Possession

Personal Contact (Negotiations)

Personal Property

Preferred Alignment

Procurement Procedures (FHWA contracting requirements)

Prompt Written Offer

Property Inventory

Public Involvement - 1st and 2nd Occurrence

Reestablishment Expenses

Reinstall Costs

Relocation Assistance Payments

Relocation Planning

Replacement Housing Payment (RHP)

Replacement Housing Standards (DSS)

Residential Displacements

Right-of-Way - 1st and 2nd Occurrence

Right-of-Way Certification

Right-of-Way Clearance

Right-of-Way Plan


Search Costs

Specialty Report

STD - State Transportation Department

STIP - Statewide Transportation Improvement Program

Stipulated Settlement

STP - State Transportation Plan

Summary of Just Compensation

Tenant-Owned Improvements

TIP - Transportation Improvement Plan

Transportation Planning Process

Uneconomic Remnants

Uniform Act

Uniform Act Titles I, II & III


Utility Relocation

Value Finding


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Updated: 9/5/2014
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