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Uniform Act Research

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STEP: Relocation Assistance Retrospective Study

Summary Statement
The Office of Real Estate Services (HEPR) develops and implements regulations, polices and guidance that help to ensure that right-of-way needed for transportation infrastructure construction and improvements is made available in a timely fashion and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. One of the Office's primary functions is to ensure that right-of-way acquired for federally funded projects and programs is acquired in a manner that complies with the requirements of The Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended (Uniform Act). The Office also serves as Lead Agency for the government wide promulgation and implementation of Uniform Act rules and policies. These Uniform Act requirements apply to the real estate acquisition and relocation assistance programs and projects of 18 Federal Agencies.

Among benefits included in relocation assistance under the Uniform Act is a payment , not to exceed $10,000, to assist displaced businesses in reestablishing at a new location. The Uniform Act benefit levels were last revised in 1989. Since that time, displaced business moves have become increasingly complex and costly. HEPR , The General Accounting Office (GAO) and several States have done recent research into the costs born by businesses that are required to relocate as a result of federally funded projects and programs. The general conclusion is that the Uniform Act benefit levels are inadequate. For example The GAO recently reported on the need for an update of benefit levels in Eminent Domain, Information about its Uses and Effect on Communities and Property Owners Is Limited (GAO-07-78). The report communicates in several points, including discussions on pages 4 and 16, that Uniform Act benefits available to business are considered inadequate by interviewees. A number of States have enacted statutory benefit enhancements to, in part, help to ensure that businesses that are required to relocate are able to do so successfully.

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Turbo Expert Electronic Relocation System

The objective of the Turbo Expert Electronic Relocation System project is to provide a tool(s) to the SDOTs, FHWA Divisions, and other Federal agencies that will help ensure that relocation calculations are accurate, in accordance with current regulations, and completed in a uniform manner. This system will help to ensure that those relocated for federally aided programs or projects are receiving proper relocation benefits in a timely manner. This system will conform to the Uniform Act as well as all applicable Federal, DOT, and FHWA statutes, regulations, and guidelines for information technology systems.

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