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Looking Down the Road

By working toward our goals with our partners, we have made great strides. Lives have been saved. Air quality in cities has improved. Roads are smoother and safer. There is better access to federal lands and national parks. Freight shipments are more efficient than ever. And we're responding faster to emergencies and national disasters. But what about the future? Our eyes are set on what is to come, as well as on the here and now. Anticipating needs and finding early responses are mandatory, not optional, to us. We must plan for increased demand on roads, an aging population, and urban and rural sprawl. Communication technology will continue to outdo itself at a brisk pace. And we will be kept accountable to consistently provide high-quality, cost-effective services and products.

We at FHWA are ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead. We have the tools, technologies, and, best of all, the people to make decisions that will clearly address any bumps or detours that may lie in the road ahead.

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