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Design-Build E ffectiveness Study

As Required by TEA-21 Section 1307(f)
Final Report
Prepared for:
USDOT - Federal Highway Administration
January 2006

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StateProjectDate CompletedFinal Cost (Millions)Complete by Dec. 31, 2002Included in Project Survey SampleProject Survey ReceivedCompare to Design-Bid-Build
ALFerry boat12/1/2002$0.70X   
AKOcean Class Ferry boat (Kennicott)6/28/1998$80.40X   
AKWhittier tunnel5/30/2000$57.00XXXX
AKVery Fast Vehicle Ferry (option to buy up to 5 ferries)N/A$35.20    
AKGlenn-Parks Interchange ProjectN/A$42.00    
AZEmergency Relief bridge ReplacementN/A$3.50XXX 
AZI-10/Cortaro Rd InterchangeN/A$2.80XXX 
AZI-17 Thomas Road to Dunlap Avenue, Phoenix7/1/2000$75.00XXX 
AZAZ State Route 68 near Kingman, AZ, 13.5 miles reconstructionN/A$46.50XXX 
AZUS Route 60N/A$263.00    
AZAZ State route 51 in Phoenix between I-10 and Shea BlvdN/A$68.00    
CAAlameda Corridor4/1/2002$740.00XXX 
CAEmergency Relief - LaCienega / Venice UndercrossingN/A$3.30    
CATCA Foothills Eastern6/1/1998$504.00XXX 
CATCA - San Joaquin Hills6/1/1998$795.00XXX 
CATCA - Glenwood-Pacific Park Drive6/1/1998$7.20    
COWoodland Park urban streetN/A$0.00    
COI-70 reconstruction, MP 336.8 for 11.4 miles6/1/1999$20.66XXXX
COI-76 Reconstruction, MP 418 - 427, Hudson to Keensburg3/1/2001$1.20XXXX
COColorado Transportation Management System - System IntegratorN/A$0.00    
COI-25 near Wellington, CO, 27 km roadway reconstruction6/6/2001$26.33XXX 
COTREX, formerly Southeast Corridor Denver I-25N/A$1,186.00    
DCEmissions Inspection station4/30/1999$7.00X   
DCLocal Street Upgrading (by EFLHD) Wards 3 and 4N/A$34.00    
DCDC DOW Anacostia Riverwalk and Trail ProjectN/A$0.40    
DCTaylor Street N.E. bridge Replacement ProjectN/A$10.60    
DCSouthern Avenue S.E. bridge Replacement ProjectN/A$8.00    
DEChoptank Road over Back Creek12/19/2001$1.20XXX 
FLPeace River Drainage CanalComplete$3.87XX  
FLRingling CausewayActive$56.30    
FLPeace River bridge/widenActive$52.98    
FLBee Ridge Rd. Repair/rehabComplete$1.49XX  
FLUS-17 add lanes & ReconstActive$17.97    
FLUS-41 add lanes & ReconstActive$4.47    
FLSR-80 add lanes & ReconstActive$14.99    
FLI-4 add lanes & ReconstActive$72.76    
FLUS 441 add lanes & ReconstActive$12.70    
FLI-4 add lanes & rehab PavtActive$59.60    
FLI-4 Interchange (major)Active$62.15    
FLSR 70 Slope rehabProposal$3.38    
FLLake Okee Scenic TrailProposal$2.27    
FLLake Okee Scenic TrailProposal$5.62    
FLI-75 Full Panel Replac wide bridgeProposal$7.69    
FLI-75 Alligator Alley FenceProposal$6.11    
FLAdd Lanes & Rehab PavementActive$24.50    
FLAdd Lanes & Rehab PavementN/A$16.20    
FLAdd Lanes & Rehab PavementActive$25.60    
FLITS Surveillance SystemN/A$5.47    
FLAdd Lanes & Rehab PavementN/A$4.71    
FLAdd Lanes & Rehab PavementN/A$23.49    
FLWeigh stationActive$2.91    
FLSt. George bridge ReplacementActive$71.68    
FLWelcome stationActive$5.87    
FLBlackwater River bridgeComplete$30.44XX  
FLHathway bridgeActive$81.52    
FLOchlockonee River bridgeComplete$12.21XX  
FLI-10 rest areasActive$29.45    
FLUS-27, 3r, Milling, resurf.Active$4.87    
FLSR-80, 3rActive$9.14    
FLMisc. Constr.Complete$2.18X   
FLReplace Movable spanActive$10.59    
FLDrainage ImprovementsActive$10.98    
FLI-95 wideningActive$67.30    
FLI-95 3r, wideningActive$5.12    
FLPedestrian overpassComplete$2.13XXX 
FLTraffic control systemActive$0.67    
FLPedestrian overpassComplete$1.12XXX 
FLITS Surveillance SystemActive$3.50    
FLPedestrian overpassComplete$0.97X   
FLI-95 rest areaActive$9.29    
FLPedestrian overpassComplete$2.63X   
FLAdd Thru LanesActive$51.10    
FLSt. John River bridgeActive$2.63XX  
FLAdd Lanes & Rehab PavementComplete$3.68XXX 
FLWiden bridgeComplete$19.28XXX 
FLITS Surveillance SystemComplete$1.58XX  
FLAdd Lanes & Rehab PavementActive$2.36    
FLSafety ProjectActive$2.16    
FLI-4 Aux LaneActive$13.96    
FLAdd LanesActive$16.90    
FLSound WallsComplete$9.39XXXX
FLITS Surveillance SystemActive$6.00    
FLITS Surveillance SystemComplete$0.70X   
FLPedestrian overpassActive$1.22    
FLITS Surveillance SystemActive$1.35    
FLAccess ImprovementActive$4.93    
FLSafety ProjectActive$0.42    
GAI-95 Bryan County, N/O Jerico River to S/O US 17 (7.4 miles)2/26/2003$19.70    
GAI-75 Turner-Crisp Cos., SR 159 to SR 300 (14.5 miles)N/A$51.90    
GAI-75 Tift Co., N/O US-41 to the Turner Co. Line (8 miles)N/A$33.20    
GAI-95 Glynn Co., Horse Stamp Church Road to US-17 (7 miles)N/A$27.50XXX 
GARest area reconstruction, Gwinnett and Franklin Counties11/22/2002$0.50XX  
GAI-75 Lowndes Co., SR-133 to Cook Co. Line (13.7 miles)N/A$67.00    
HIKuihelani Highway on MauiN/A$15.00    
HIKamehameha Hwy, Kahuku Hospital drainage improvementsN/A$0.00    
IN#1 I-65, reconstruction - N. of SR 43 to S. OF US 24, Tippecanoe / White Co's7/31/1999$30.60X   
IN#2 I-65, reconstruction & Add Ln.-Cold Spring Rd. to I-465- Indianapolis, Marion Co.10/1/2001$76.50XX  
IN#3 I-65, reconstruction & Add Ln.- 61 St. To I-80/94- Lake County12/15/2000$31.80XX  
IN#4 I-65, reconstruction & Add Ln.-61 St. Interchange to S. of US 30- Lake Co.12/15/2001$31.30XX  
IN#5 I-65, reconstruct I-65 / US-30 Interchange-Merrillville- Lake Co.6/1/2003$29.90    
IN#6 I-80/94, Reconstruct of Harrison and Clark Street bridges over I-80/94- Lake Co.11/1/2002$5.50X   
IN#7 I-465 / I-70, Reconstruction of Interchange in Indianapolis, Marion County11/20/2002$67.10XX  
IN#8 I-80/94 reconstruction of Georgia and Chase bridges over I-80/94, Lake Co.N/A$6.00    
IN#9 Midwest Steel Hwy Grade Separation, Porter CoN/A$6.40    
LAReplace Tensas River bridge and Approaches, LA 4, Tensas ParishN/A$0.00    
MARoute 3 North, from Route 128 to the NH borderN/A$385.00    
MDUS113 from US50 to MD589, four-lane highway on new align, Worcester Co10/10/2000$10.34XXXX
MDMD32 at Samford Rd, interchg constr, Anne Arundel Co9/29/2001$6.50XXX 
MDMD695 from I-97 to MD10, widening, Anne Arundel Co5/20/2002$9.40XXX 
MDMD32 at Airfield Rd, interchg constr, Anne Arundel Co7/1/2003$10.00X   
MDUS50 from US301to MD410, widening for HOV, Prince George's Co12/19/2002$19.00XXX 
MDUS113 from Jarvis Rd to Delaware state line, dualization, Wicomico CoTBD$10.70X   
MDUS29 from Blackburn to Dustin Rd, widen/interchg improvements, Montgomery CoTBD$28.30    
MDMD216 from US29 to I-95, new alignment, Howard CoTBD$20.40    
MEBath-Woolwich bridge Replacement8/1/2000$46.60XXXX
MEI-295 Commercial Street Connector ProjectN/A$17.50    
MIDetroit Freeway Management System, atms / ATIS4/1/1997$32.80XXX 
MII-94 / Vining Rd Interchange11/7/1997$14.90XXX 
MIUS 23 pavement rehab project10/11/1997$7.60XXX 
MII-94 Frazho & Martin bridge Deck Replacement8/1/1997$1.73X   
MII-96 Wixom bridge Deck Replacement10/1/1997$1.05X   
MII-75 Gardenia bridge Superstructure replacement10/1/1997$0.85X   
MII-69 Wadham bridge Superstructure replacement10/1/1997$0.64X   
MII-94 Burns bridge Deck Replacement9/1/1997$1.14X   
MIUS-24 Rouge R. bridge Deck Replacement10/1/1997$1.73X   
MIM-10 Lafayette & Us12 bridge Deck Replacement7/1/1998$3.54XXX 
MIM-10 Warren bridge Deck Replacement7/1/1998$2.04XXX 
MIM-10 Greenfield bridge Deck Replacement6/1/1998$2.06X   
MII-75 Second bridge Deck Replacement10/1/1997$1.46X   
MII-96 BL GTW RRbridge Deck Replacement7/1/1998$3.75X   
MII-696 M-10 bridge Superstructure replacement10/1/1998$0.99XXX 
MIM-28 Ontonagon River bridge Deck Replacement10/1/1998$0.73X   
MII-94 Rouge River B & GTW RRridge Superstructure replacement10/1/1998$4.90XXX 
MIUS 131 - 84th Street Overpass - bridge replacement10/1/1999$3.30XXX 
MII-94 Harper bridge Deck Replacement10/1/1998$1.55XXX 
MIBeaver Island Ferry boatN/A$2.40    
MII-275 reconstruction, 8.3 km, 5 Mile Road to I-696, Wayne and Oakland Co.11/7/2001$49.30XXX 
MNI-35 pavement rehabilitationN/A$7.70    
MNUS Highway 52 (ROC 52)N/A$232.00    
NJRoute I-280 Access Ramps6/24/1998$4.60XXXX
NJLocal bridge Projects 11th Ave & 14th St10/1/1998$1.83XXXX
NJLocal bridge Projects Bordentown - Georgetown Rd1/30/1998$1.51XXX 
NJLocal bridge Projects Oakview Ave, Roosevelt and Westervelt Ave.10/2/1998$2.77XXX 
NJRoute 29 Improvements - Tunnel3/2/2002$70.93XXX 
NJRoutes 50 & 322 Interchange reconstruction9/29/2000$8.42XXXX
NJRoute 9, 25K6/30/2002$57.94XXX 
NJEnhanced I & M stations8/1/2000$63.16X   
NMUS 70 in Hondo Valley, Ruidoso Downs to Riverside, 37.9 milesN/A$129.50    
NMNM 528 Bernalillo and Sandoval CountiesN/A$19.10    
NVReno Transportation Rail Access Corridor ProjectN/A$170.70    
NYNew York City DOT, pedestrian safety project5/1/2000$1.00X   
NYNew York City DOT, Belt Parkway / Ocean Parkway bridgeN/A$1.00    
NYPort Authority of NY and NJ - Traffic Surveillance on George Washington bridge8/20/1999$17.54X   
NCCARAT ITS project12/31/2002$13.75XXX 
NCStatewide wetland mitigation12/7/2008$31.10    
NCReconstruction of I-77 and programmatic use of D-B10/11/2004$70.90    
NCI-26 reconstruction from NC 225 to NC 2808/1/2005$83.70    
NCRehabilitation & widening of I-85 from US-29 to NC73 in Mecklenburg County10/1/2005$87.73    
NCUS 64 - Knightdale Bypass8/1/2005$131.02    
NCSR-1128 Ruin Creek Road from Graham Ave (SR-1218) to Dabney Dr (SR-1304)11/1/2004$9.10    
OHOTT/ERI-2-44.103/0.000 roadway mill and resurface, deck overlays11/30/1998$2.60X   
OHWYA-231-27.868; bridge replacement6/30/1998$0.50X   
OHLOR-252-8.738; bridge replacement9/30/1999$2.00X   
OHLAK 2-12.231 bridge replacement1/1/1900$2.00XXX 
OHTUS -800-36.967; bridge replacement6/30/1999$0.20X   
OHCHP / CLA-68-0.0024.441; 1.2 km of new 4-lane highway 3 structures8/31/2000$13.90XXX 
OHToledo Lucas County marine passenger terminalN/A$0.00    
OHVAN-US127-12.39, replace 3 bridge decks8/31/2000$1.01X   
OHALL-IR075-29.548, replace Swaney Rd. bridge deck6/30/2000$0.67X   
OHLOR-IR090-10.76, 4 lane resurfacing & deck overlays8/31/2002$13.80X   
OHMED-IR271-0.00, complete pavement replacement10/31/2001$17.31XXX 
OHATB-SR045-19.92, SR45 over IR90 bridge widening8/1/2001$2.96X   
OHSTA-IR077-11.85, add 3rd lane & replace existing pavement5/30/2003$24.00XXX 
OHGUE-SR660-4.98, replace 2 bridges8/31/2000$0.47    
OHMIA-IR075-7.948, add 3rd lane & replace existing pavement5/20/2003$45.48    
OHPRE-IR070-0.00, pavement rehab & bridge work10/15/2001$20.53X   
OHGRE-US35J-0.00, pavement planning & overlay10/15/2001$10.50X   
OHHAM-IR071-11.08, pavement planning & overlay8/15/2002$10.80X   
OHHAM-IR275-32.27, pavement rehab & bridge work7/31/2003$29.50    
OHHAM-IR471-00.26, pavement rehabilitation6/15/2002$15.40X   
OHROS-SR159-0.00, pavement repair & overlay11/15/2000$2.29X   
OHNOB-IR077-6.22, joint replacement & concrete overlay8/30/2001$10.65X   
OHCUY-IR480-19.93, noisewall retrofit panels9/30/2000$2.52XXX 
OHMAH-11-16.04, bridge Deck replacements10/30/2002$4.14XXX 
OHATH-33-10.41, bridge Deck rehabilitation5/2/2002$1.80XXX 
OHTRU-80-9.08, Pavement & bridge rehabilitation6/30/2002$4.93X   
OHTUS-77-3.94, Pavement & bridge rehabilitation8/15/2002$9.19XXX 
OHBEL-70-16.60, Sign Upgrading6/30/2002$0.83XXX 
OHATB-11-23.33, bridge deck replacement5/11/2002$0.72X   
OHSAN-6-14.76, rehabilitate 3 bridges8/31/2002$1.80X   
OHSAN-20-14.86, bridge rehabilitation10/31/2001$0.80X   
OHPOR-224-0.00, resurfacing and safety Upgrading6/30/2002$3.70XXX 
OHPRE-40-1.33, bridge replacement7/1/2002$0.24X   
OHHAR-81-16.54, bridge deck replacement6/30/2002$0.33X   
OHMOT-4-4.83, bridge replacement5/31/2002$0.28X   
OHHEN-108-15.61, bridge rehabilitation10/31/2002$0.94X   
OHPAU-613-22.02, bridge replacement10/31/2000$0.57X   
OHFRA-71-14.39, Pavement rehabilitation, replacement, and safety upgrading9/30/2001$3.68XXX 
OHALL-30-18.18, bridge Deck replacements10/31/2001$2.17X   
OHSUM-77-22.32, tower Lighting10/30/2001$1.67XXX 
OHHAN-103-16.57, bridge rehabilitation7/5/2001$0.46X   
OHATB-11-25.16, bridge deck replacementN/A$9.26    
OHSUM-77-15.47, bridge deck replacement and PaintingN/A$1.41    
OHDAR-705-11.02, culvert replacement5/22/2003$0.22    
OHSTA-77-0.00, resurfacingN/A$4.76    
OHSUM-21-1.79, bridge wideningN/A$1.00    
OHGUE-77-7.68, bridge deck replacement and PaintingN/A$2.00    
OHPIC-22-17.03, bridge superstructure replacementN/A$2.73    
OHTRU-11-9.08, Interchange LightingN/A$2.07    
OHTUS-77-7.55, 4 Lane Major rehabN/A$8.45    
OHCOS-16-7.18, culvert ReplacementN/A$0.50    
OHFRA-270-1.52, noise Wall replacementN/A$0.50    
OHSEN-67-9.87, 2 Lane resurfacingN/A$1.43    
OHDist11-Wide-Sign, Replace Overhead Signs, SupportsN/A$1.23    
OHDist11-Wide-Sign, Upgrade E1isting SignsN/A$1.32    
OHDist2-Wide-Sign, District Wide Sign UpgradeN/A$0.30    
OHHAN-37-10.81, bridge Repair, Deck ReplacementN/A$0.40    
OHFRA-270-17.47, noise Wall ReplacementN/A$11.00    
ORI-5 Surface Preservation12/30/1999$7.80XX  
PAWetland bank on US 220 projectN/A$0.00    
PADistrict 1 Warren Co, Expressway reconstruction10/16/2001$15.60XXX 
PADistrict 1 Veango Co., Bethel Sunville Rd., bridge ReplacementN/A$0.00    
PADistrict 1-0 Erie Land Lighthouse RestorationN/A$0.20    
PADistrict 1-0 Warren County SR6-B04 bridge rehab and ReplacementN/A$0.00    
PADistrict 1-0 Erie County SR97-10M Betterment ProjectN/A$1.00    
PADistrict 1-0 Mercer County SR62-10M Betterment ProjectN/A$1.80    
PADistrict 2-0 Clearfield 53-A04 022C035 bridge ReplacementN/A$0.00    
PADistrict 2 Mifflin County 1005(A01), bridge over Kishacoquilas CreekN/A$5.50    
PADistrict 2 McKean 6(A02 & A03) bridges over Allegheny River and RailroadN/A$6.60    
PADistrict 3-0 Tioga 0015-F13 037C1386 New 2 Lane bridge on SBL7/27/2001$8.60XXX 
PADistrict 3 Lycoming Deck Replacement on the Susquehanna River bridge at MuncyN/A$9.00    
PADistrict 4-0 Susquehanna 0706-570 045C034 Wyalusing Creek bridge9/24/1998$2.40XXX 
PADistrict 4-0 Wyoming 0029-770 047C026 Bowman's Creek bridgeN/A$0.00    
PADistrict 4 Luzerne, bridge Replacement Carey AveN/A$27.50    
PADistrict 4-0 Susquehanna 1037-570 bridge Replacement Dubois Creek11/11/2001$5.80X   
PADistrict 4-0 Susquehanna 0011-573 bridge Replacement Hallstead/Great BendN/A$6.50    
PADistrict 4-0 Wayne 9911-BRG New bridge Church Street HonesdaleN/A$0.00    
PADistrict 4-0 Luzerne 9900-BRG Pedestrian bridge Wilkes-Barre12/20/2002$0.50X   
PADistrict 4-0 Pike 0434-470 bridge Replacement Sholola bridgeN/A$0.00    
PADistrict 4-0 Pike 1011-470 bridge Replacement Pond Eddy bridgeN/A$0.00    
PADistrict 4-0 Luzerne 2010-371 bridge ReplacementN/A$0.00    
PADistrict 4-0 Lackawanna 2003-250 bridge Replacement Cortez RoadN/A$0.00    
PADistrict 4-0 Susquehanna 547-571 bridge ReplacementN/A$0.00    
PADistrict 5-0 Lehigh 0078-07M Emergency Superstructure Replacement11/20/2000$3.10XXX 
PADistrict 5-0 Schuylkill 0081-02B bridge ReplacementN/A$3.70    
PADistrict 6-0 Chester 0029-50S 062C050 bridge ReplacementN/A$1.00    
PADistrict 6-0 Bucks 2006-02S 061C102 Deck ReplacementN/A$2.10    
PADistrict 8-0 Cumberland 0081 Section 2711/16/2001$9.00XXXX
PADistrict 8-0 York 30 Expressway PM10/25/2001$2.60XXXX
PADistrict 9-0 Bedford 30-13B Everett Bypass bridge Replacement11/2/2000$0.50XXXX
PADistrict 9-0 Somerset 56-12B Replacement of 69 foot Pipe culvert9/7/2000$0.20X   
PADistrict 9-0 Cambria 22-CP3 Trace and RR bridge rehabilitation8/29/2001$1.30X   
PADistrict 9-0 Cambria Improve roads and parking facilities St. Francis College10/28/1999$0.70X   
PADistrict 9-0 Somerset 0219-022 4-lane pavement rehab w/structuresN/A$0.00    
PADistrict 9-0 Somerset 0219-023 4-lane pavement rehab w/ structures1/18/2002$10.70XXXX
PADistrict 9-0 Blair County SR9900 Prefab structure on ped/bike trailN/A$0.00    
PADistrict 9-0 Huntingdon County SR 6900 Prefab structure on ped/bike trailN/A$0.00    
PADistrict 9-0 Somerset 0219-024 4-lane pavement rehab w/ structuresN/A$9.90    
PADistrict 10-0 Jefferson 0830-0590 Access Bridge overpass of I-80N/A$3.00    
PADistrict 10-0 Indiana 0954 104C033 Two Lick bridgeN/A$0.00    
PADistrict 11-0 Allegheny 4003-A03 Nelson Run bridgeN/A$0.00    
PADistrict 11-0 Lawrence 3009-L04 Hickory Run bridgeN/A$0.00    
PADistrict 11-0 Beaver County 1022-B02 13th Street Blockhouse Run bridgeN/A$1.10    
PADistrict 11-0 Frazier Heights Interchange with developerN/A$0.00    
PADistrict 11-0 Allegheny/Beaver Counties SR0060- A32 & B20 2-bridge Deck Repl.N/A$10.70    
PADistrict 11-0 Allegheny County Convention Center Infrastructure Phase IIIN/A$8.90    
PADistrict 12-0 Fayette 201-06R TR 201 Rest ConnellsvilleN/A$1.70    
PADistrict 12-0 westmoreland 0066-R10 Apollo bridgeN/A$6.30    
SCBridge Replacements- Reedy Creek, Enoree River7/2/1997$2.84XX  
SCBridge Replacement - Wateree River8/1/1998$7.86XXX 
SCBridge Replacement - Stono CreekN/A$0.00    
SCConway BypassDec. 2001$386.30XX  
SCCarolina Bays Parkway6/1/2002$225.40XXX 
SCSC 170 widening3/1/2003$65.70    
SCCooper River bridge Repl.7/2/2005$531.30    
SDReconstruction of I-229 from Western Ave. to Benson Rd. in Sioux Falls7/15/2002$32.40XXX 
TXTexas Turnpike Authority - US183A and SH130N/A$986.30    
TNMPW Nashville and Davidson County, ITS Parking and Traffic Guidance SystemN/A$2.10    
UTITS Traffic Operations Center project10/31/1998$4.57XXX 
UTITS Interim traffic control System12/31/1997$1.50XX  
UTI-15 reconstruction Project7/15/2001$1,325.00XXX 
UTLegacy West Davis Highway, Farmington to Salt Lake City, 19.3 kmTBD$312.50    
UTSR-176 lake Powell vehicle / passenger ferry system12/1/2000$2.65X   
UT12300 South InterchangeTBD$65.50    
UT11400 South InterchangeTBD$25.80    
VASafety rest area / Welcome Center - NB I-85 (Mecklenburg County)3/27/2002$2.65XXX 
VASafety rest area / Welcome Center - EB I-64 (New Kent County)N/A$7.90    
VACoalfields ExpresswayN/A$1,600.00    
VARoute 288 (I-64/288 interchange and I-64 to rt.250 connection)10/30/2003$236.00    
VAHighway Advisory Radio, I-81 Pulaski, Montgomery, Roanoke & Botetourt countiesN/A$1.00    
VIMarine Cargo Terminal at Enighed PondN/A$0.00    
WASR 500 and Thurston Way - new interchange10/7/2002$22.73XXX 
WICity of Milwaukee, Menominee Valley Viaduct9/9/2002$49.75XX  
 SUM $13,934140866917

Note: Highlighting indicates projects for which project surveys were received.

C-2 - List of Design-Bid-Build Comparable Projects

StateDesign-Bid-Build ProjectFinal Cost (Millions)Design-Build ComparableFinal Cost (Millions)
AKParks Highway, MP 37-30$15.50Whittier tunnel$57.00
COI-70, Pretoria East$10.70I-70 reconstruction, MP 336.8 for 11.4 miles$20.66
COI-70, Cedar Point East$16.50I-76 Reconstruction, MP 418 - 427, Hudson to Keensburg$1.20
COI-70, Strasburg East$17.10I-25 near Wellington, CO, 27 km roadway reconstruction$26.33
FLTurnpike Partial Interchange at Atlantic Boulevard$3.40Interchange$2.05
FLI-95 HOV Reconstruction (noise wall portion)$1.30Sound Walls$9.39
MDUS 113 from MD 589 to Jarvis Road$18.60US50 from US301to MD410, widening for HOV, Prince George's Co$19.00
MDUS 29, from I-70 to MD 100$11.00MD32 at Airfield Rd, interchg constr, Anne Arundel Co$10.00
MDUS 29 Interchange at Hopkins/Gorman Road$18.90US113 from Jarvis Rd to Delaware state line, dualization, Wicomico Co$10.70
MECasco Bay Bridge$143.90Bath-Woolwich bridge Replacement$46.60
NJRoute I-280, Section 7W$12.00Route I-280 Access Ramps$4.60
NJLumberton Vincentown Road Bridge Replacement$1.30Local bridge Projects 11th Ave & 14th St$1.83
NJLocal bridge Projects Bordentown - Georgetown Rd$1.51
NJLocal bridge Projects Oakview Ave, Roosevelt and Westervelt Ave.$2.77
NJRoute 73, Section 5C/Route 30, Sections 1E, 12B$12.50Routes 50 & 322 Interchange reconstruction$8.42
PADistrict 8-0 Franklin & Cumberland 0081 Section 025$7.20District 8-0 Cumberland 0081 Section 27$9.00
PADistrict 8-0 York 0030 Section 32/34$2.10District 8-0 York 30 Expressway PM$2.60
PATyrone Viaduct Rehabilitation/Maloy Street Rehabilitation$5.30District 9-0 Bedford 30-13B Everett Bypass bridge Replacement$0.50
PAS.R. 0219-018 Boswell Resurfacing, Somerset County$18.00District 9-0 Somerset 0219-023 4-lane pavement rehab w/ structures$10.70
 SUM - Design-Bid-Build Projects$315.30SUM - Design-Build Comparables$244.85

Note: Highlighting indicates projects representing the most similar projects to design-build comparables and the most complete data.

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