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Design-Build E ffectiveness Study

As Required by TEA-21 Section 1307(f)
Final Report
Prepared for:
USDOT - Federal Highway Administration
January 2006

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This appendix presents a summary of the literature search undertaken as part of this study. The contents of this interim document are derived from the website developed by the AECOM Consult Team and posted at The Design-Build website contains five major sections briefly described below:

Members of the design-build community and the general public are welcome to visit the Design-Build website at To enable full access to the site, visitors must register using the "register" link from the Home Page. Upon registration, users will receive email notification of their User ID and Password in order to successfully login to the website. As registered members of the site, users will have full access to all links and all documents that are not copyright protected. In addition, registered members may contribute additional documents to the site and provide commentary on any documents contained in the library.

New documents may be posted to this website by registered members by clicking on the "Upload Documents" text on the left-hand side of the Library Page. General information regarding a piece of literature as well as an abstract may be typed into the Upload box and automatically uploaded to the website. The Library Page also supports posting PDF and Microsoft Word versions of documents to the site.

Following completion of this research study, this website will continue to be hosted by the University of Colorado at Boulder as a continuing resource for members of the design-build community.

The up-to-date contents of the Literature page represent the bibliography that follows. For a more complete indication of the contents of this database, including reference documents accessible from the Library page, please use the referenced website address to visit the site directly at and access the resident documents.


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SEP Evaluations

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