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FHWA Technical Advisories

T5040.26 01/28/88 Guardrail Transition
T5040.28 10/17/88 Developing Geometric Design Criteria and Processes for Nonfreeway RRR Projects
T5040.29 02/02/90 Paved Shoulders
T5040.30 11/30/90 Concrete Pavement Joints
T5040.31 12/26/90 Open Graded Friction Courses
T5040.32 04/13/92 Curved W-Beam Guardrail Installations at Minor Roadway Intersections
T5040.34 06/08/93 Guardrail Transitions
T5040.35 12/20/01 Roadway Shoulder Rumble Strips
T5040.36 06/17/05 Surface Texture for Asphalt and Concrete Pavements
T5040.37 07/03/07 Use of Recycled Concrete Pavement as Aggregate in Hydraulic-Cement Concrete Pavement
T5040.38 06/17/2010 Pavement Friction Management
T5040.39 12/20/2012 Use of Alternate Bidding for Pavement Type Selection
T5040.4 08/23/78 Design Details - Tie Plate Connections
T5080.1 05/18/79 Engineering Inspection of Highway and Street Construction on Federal-Aid Projects
T5080.3 12/10/80 Development and Use of Price Adjustment Contract Provisions
T5080.9 05/16/88 Use of Coal Ash In Embankments and Bases
T5080.10 02/08/89 Incentive/Disincentive (I/D) for Early Completion
T5080.12 06/23/89 Specification Conformity Analysis
T5080.14 06/05/90 Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement
T5080.15 10/15/02 Construction Contract Time Determination Procedures
no numbered 03/24/10 Development and Review of Specifications
T5140.11 11/27/79 Quality Control and Quality Assurance Inspections on Welded-Steel Fracture-Critical Members
T5140.19 02/11/83 Pier Protection and Warning Systems for Bridges Subject to Ship Collisions
T5140.21 09/16/88 Revisions to The National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS)
T5140.22 10/3/89 Uncoated Weathering Steel In Structures
T5140.23 10/28/91 Evaluating Scour at Bridges
T5140.24 10/29/93 Bridge Temporary Works
T5140.25 06/17/94 Cable Stays of Cable-Stayed Bridges
T5140.27 08/02/07 Immediate Inspection of Deck Truss Bridges Containing Fracture Critical Members (FCM)
T5140.28 08/02/07 Construction Loads on Bridges
T5140.29 01/15/08 Load-carrying Capacity Considerations of Gusset Plates in Non-load-path-redundant Steel Truss Bridges
T5140.30 03/21/08 Use and Inspection of Adhesive Anchors in Federal-Aid Projects
T5140.31 01/29/10 Inspection of Gusset Plates Using Non-Destructive Evaluation Technologies
T5140.32 09/12/2011 Inspection of Fracture Critical Bridges Fabricated from AASHTO M270 Grade 100 (ASTM A514/A517) Steel
T5140.33 11/12/2013 Recommendations for Assessing and Managing Long-Term Performance of Post-Tensioned Bridges having Tendons Installed with Grout Containing Elevated Levels of Chloride (.pdf, 0.3 mb)
T5140.34 01/16/2018 Use and Inspection of Adhesive Anchors in Federal-Aid Projects
T5140.4 09/28/78 Tied Arch Bridges
T6120.3 08/09/04 Use of Contractor Test Results in the Acceptance Decision, Recommended Quality Measures, and the Identification of Contractor/Department Risks
T6640.8A 10/30/87 Guidance for Preparing and Processing Environmental and Section 4(F) Documents
T7570.2 10/31/94 Motor Vehicle Accident Costs

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