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Appendix D
Individuals and Organizations Contacted

Helene A. Brown, General Motors Corporation
Patricia L. Camozzi-Ekberg, Weyerhaeuser Company
Corinne A. Campbell, Boeing Company
Jennifer Choate, Microsoft Corporation
John Chow, Parsons-Brinckerhoff
Marsha A. Herman, Parsons-Brinckerhoff
Alison Keyes, Golden Associates
Barbara J. Peterson, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company
Frederick Quan, Corning, Inc.
Ruth Van Dyke, Hewlett-Packard Company
Maryanne Ward, Paccar, Inc.

Gary R. Allen, Virginia Transportation Research Council
Joe T. Baker, Louisiana Transportation Research Center
Jerry Baldwin, Minnesota DOT
Robert J. Benke, Minnesota DOT
Carolyn Goodman, Virginia Transportation Research Council
Judy H. Gutshall, Pennsylvania DOT
Christopher Hahin, Illinois DOT
Eric E. Harm, Illinois DOT
Dorothy Hogan, New York DOT
Dedra Jones, Louisiana Transportation Research Center
Wesley S.C. Lum, California DOT
Paul Mack, New York DOT
Galen McGill, Oregon DOT
Verne C. McGuffey, New York DOT (retired)
Wesley P. Moody, New York DOT
M.G. Patel, Pennsylvania DOT
James Radmacher, Missouri DOT
Jon W. Reincke, Michigan DOT
Arthur W. Roberts III, New Jersey DOT
Mary D. Silva, Arizona DOT
Pat Strong, North Carolina DOT
Jeanne F. Thomas, Michigan DOT
Jon P. Underwood, Texas DOT

Ruth Arnold, Special Libraries Association
Thomas Brahms, Institute of Transportation Engineers
Connie N. Field, Portland Cement Association
Laura Hazen, Institute of Transportation Engineers
Billy Higgins, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
Kyung Kyu Lim, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
Edward Miller, Asphalt Institute

Stephen R. Godwin
Crawford F. Jenks
Jerry Maddock
Stephen F. Maher
Shirley Morin
Richard F. Pain
Barbara L. Post
James A. Scott

John Anderson, Pennsylvania LTAP
Byron Blaschke, Texas Transportation Institute
Forrest M. Council, University of North Carolina
Paul Kantor, Rutgers University
Donald King, Rutgers University
Renee E. McHenry, Northwestern University Infrastructure Technology Institute
Sandra L. Tucker, Texas Transportation Institute
Lois J. Widmer, Center for Transportation and the Environment

Sue Ann Connaughton, BTS Statistical Information Line
Bill Evans, FHWA, former Region 8
Patrick Kennedy, FHWA, former Region 3
Andrew Mergenmeier, FHWA, Virginia Division
Roger Port, FHWA, former Region 7
John Sweek, FHWA, former Region 6
Mary Stringfellow, FHWA, former Region 5
Robert Tally, FHWA, California Division
Gary White, FHWA, Indiana Division

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