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At the time this aerial photograph was taken in 2017, the roundabout shown here (far right) was under construction in Arches National Park in Utah.

Roundabouts Coming Full Circle

Checking the progress of the modern designs reveals they now number in the thousands across the United States. Maybe they're right for your next intersection makeover? [Read more]

Because of the urgency of opening the Alaska Highway for trucks in 1942, most bridges built on the initial “pioneer road” were made from nearby timber. Many of the bridges disappeared over the winter. The report by the Public Roads Administration (FHWA's predecessor) described the fate of a 272-foot (438-kilometer)- long timber bridge with a 10-foot (3-meter) clearance: “The ice at that time was more than 15 feet [5 meters] thick and the bridge had been swallowed up completely.”

America's Glory Road

In 1942, 75 years ago, construction crews worked under frigid conditions to complete one of the most challenging engineering projects of World War II. Here's the story of the Alaska Highway. [Read more]

Cities face the ongoing challenge of accommodating increasing freight traffic on the same routes with other modes of travel. Here, a bicyclist is using a dedicated bike lane along a roadway heavily used by trucks in Seattle, WA.

Delivering The Goods

USDOT and its partners are working to improve the movement of freight in growing urban areas across the country. [Read more]




Highway Research, Technology Deployment, and Education Questions and Answers - This page provides general information about the research, technology, and education programs related to the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act.


FHWA 2015 R&T Story Cover Text

Learn how FHWA’s Research and Technology Program improves roads and bridges, saves lives, reduces congestion and advances economic growth. Read The FHWA 2015 R&T Story and Watch the Video.



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Strategic Plan For The Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center PDF cover image
» Strategic Plan for The Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center
TFHRC is FHWA’s core facility for research, development, and technology. This document describes TFHRC’s plans for providing national leadership in highway research by advancing its own endeavors and by coordinating activities managed by other FHWA and U.S. Department of Transportation offices, and external partners. [Read more]


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