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Historic photo. Short, sharp curves immediately precede and follow a narrow bridge on a dirt road.

Dollar for Dollar

Transportation performance management could change how DOTs go about their business on a day-to-day basis. To find out what this new era is all about, read on. [Read more]

A well-trained workforce is critical to completing transportation construction projects throughout the United States, such as this bridge under construction in Louisiana, and to maintaining the transportation system.

Help Wanted

The transportation industry is leading the effort to recruit and train workers to fill a growing number of jobs. The future of transportation depends on these endeavors. [Read more]

Photo. A time-lapse image of a plaza with many pedestrians walking. The photo shows only the feet and legs of the pedestrians.

A Focused Approach to Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

FHWA's technical assistance program helps communities protect their most vulnerable road users. Here's how three locations have met the challenge. [Read more]




Highway Research, Technology Deployment, and Education Questions and Answers - This page provides general information about the research, technology, and education programs related to the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act.


FHWA 2015 R&T Story Cover Text

Learn how FHWA’s Research and Technology Program improves roads and bridges, saves lives, reduces congestion and advances economic growth. Read The FHWA 2015 R&T Story and Watch the Video.



» Opportunities to get involved
» Peer Exchange Policy for State Planning and Research
» State Planning and Research Guide For Peer Exchanges



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» Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center Projects



» Opportunities to get involved

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Research Highlights

Strategic Plan For The Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center PDF cover image
» Strategic Plan for The Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center
TFHRC is FHWA’s core facility for research, development, and technology. This document describes TFHRC’s plans for providing national leadership in highway research by advancing its own endeavors and by coordinating activities managed by other FHWA and U.S. Department of Transportation offices, and external partners. [Read more]


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