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Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology
Coordinating, Developing, and Delivering Highway Transportation Innovations

Research, Technology, and Education (RT&E) Program Management


The Research and Technology Program (R&T) is one component of the Research, Technology, and Education (RT&E) Program.

The Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA’s) RT&E Program strives to generate new solutions, build more effective partnerships, and provide better information and tools for decision making, which will enable the Nation to enhance and make the best investments in the U.S. transportation system. The FHWA’s role in the RT&E Program is to provide leadership to address current and emerging needs facing the Nation’s transportation system. The leadership role of the FHWA signifies a commitment to working collaboratively with its partners to define the direction of and develop the roadmaps needed to achieve results, especially because these partners may at times implement these technologies and innovations.


The responsibility of the RT&E program is to develop and deliver the solutions that meet current challenges and future needs. The entire innovation life cycle is covered under the RT&E program umbrella—including agenda setting; research and development; technology testing and evaluation; and deployment and impact evaluation of market-ready technologies and innovations. Additionally, the RT&E program is committed to providing superior training and education to transportation professionals.


The R&T Leadership Team

The FHWA R&T Leadership Team is accountable for implementing the Agency’s RT&E program. FHWA leadership strives continually to improve the RT&E program to ensure the appropriate Federal role and strategies for investing in and conducting research and development on behalf of and in support of our partners and stakeholders in both exploratory advanced research (focused specifically on longer term and higher risk breakthrough research with the potential for transformational improvements) and applied research (focused on developing products that can be delivered to practitioners within a few years).

The R&T Leadership Team consists of the Director of Technical Services, the Chief Innovation Officer, and the associate administrators for: Research, Development, and Technology; Safety; Infrastructure; Operations; Planning, Environment, and Realty; Policy; and Federal Lands.

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