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Priority, Market-Ready Technologies and Innovations (T&I)

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ACTION: Announcing the 2006 list of Priority, Market-Ready Technologies and Innovation




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Technology deployment is one of our Agency's key business processes. The attached list continues to fulfill our commitment to "establish a priority list of market-ready technologies and innovations" (T&Is) made in the FHWA Corporate Master Plan for Research and Deployment of Technology and Innovation. Our initial list of priority T&Is came out in 2003. Today, I am introducing the Agency's updated list containing 24 Priority, Market-Ready, Technologies and Innovations. The 2006 list adopted five technologies selected by the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials Technology Implementation Group.

The Agency's R&T Leadership Team endorses the Priority, Market-Ready, Technologies and Innovations including 18 from the initial 2003 list and 6 newly selected technologies and innovations. This is a "living list" and in 2005, the R&T Leadership Team committed to establishing deployment goals for the Agency's list of "push" technologies and innovations. Establishing deployment goals and an impact statement is a crucial step in measuring our success and performance.

The coordination and communication of this list is a joint effort by the Office of Corporate Research and Technology and the Resource Center. The priority T&Is were submitted by a technology owner or champion and meet the market-ready criteria. The list summarizes all 24 technologies and innovations and provides current information on the topics and the experts to contact for technical assistance. Individual one-page marketing flyers containing a description, application of the technology or innovation, deployment goals and technical contact information will be distributed throughout FWHA in early 2006 and available at the TRB annual meeting in January.

I hope you find this information useful. Please contact Debra Elston at 202-493-3181 or Joyce Curtis at 410-962-0739 for further information.


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