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Research and Technology Roadmaps


Multiyear plans, or roadmaps, are used to define research and technology (R&T) agendas. Roadmaps often are comprised of both text and a series of integrated graphics that illustrate key strategies and milestones against a timeline. Roadmaps effectively translate abstract needs and concepts into concrete strategies that specify stakeholder interests and the resources necessary to make progress in a timely fashion. The typical Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) research and technology (R&T) roadmap includes the following elements:

  • Goals.
  • Objectives, initiatives, budgets, and performance measures tied to FHWA's overall mission and goals.
  • Research and innovative activities.
  • Resources necessary for deployment and implementation.
  • Roles and responsibilities.
  • Planned inputs and outputs.
  • Stakeholder participation opportunities.
  • Timelines with a 3-year minimum.

Roadmaps are useful for identifying specific barriers likely to be encountered during the various phases of the R&T development life cycle. Decisionmakers using the roadmaps are more likely to be in a position to anticipate the types of workaround strategies that may be needed to achieve agreed-upon goals and objectives within budget and on time.


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» Strategic Approach
In 2003, FHWA leadership accepted the challenge to "raise the bar" on R&T and adopted a strategic management framework developed with input from stakeholders. See Corporate Master Plan (CMP) for Research and Deployment of Technology & Innovation (FHWA-RD-03-077)


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