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Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology
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Federal Highway Administration Research Library


About Us


The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Research Library is an integral part of FHWA’s research, development, and technology transfer activities.

The library eases workloads, reduces costs, and expands research capabilities by:

  • Conducting searches to inform evaluation, development, and application efforts
  • Performing research to determine investment opportunities
  • Providing quick access to focused, quality content through digital resources
  • Preserving research output and furnishing a specialized, dynamic collection
  • Helping to connect experts and communicate results
  • Utilizing a network of transportation libraries and knowledge management experts
  • Providing space for studying, meetings, and collaboration

The FHWA Research Library exists to serve the information needs of FHWA employees by providing materials, reference/research assistance, and other support services. The FHWA Research Library will answer questions from the general public as time permits. Non-FHWA employees looking for copies of FHWA reports should see Sources for FHWA Reports.

Highlights of the FHWA Research Library Collections

The library’s collection contains thousands of titles related to highways, engineering, and related disciplines.

Materials  include:

  • Federal Highway Administration Office of Research, Development, and Technology reports (HRT, IP, RD, and TS series) and reports from other FHWA offices
  • State departments of transportation (DOT) and University Transportation Center research reports.
  • Transportation Research Board (TRB) and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) publications
  • Proceedings, seminal works, international reports, dissertations, and reference books
  • Journals and magazines, including Public Roads, beginning with the first issue (May 1918)
  • Historical materials on FHWA and its predecessor agencies

Online Tools

FHWA Research Library Catalog

FHWA employees can discover materials in the collection through an online catalog. Employees should go to the U.S. Department of Transportation's SharePoint site and search for "Federal Highway Administration Library" for a link to the online library catalog. Most materials in the collection are listed in the catalog, but if employees are unable to find items, they can contact the library.

Subscription Databases

FHWA employees have access to subscription databases, e-journals, and e-books through the FHWA Research Library SharePoint site.


FHWA employees and onsite contractors may borrow most materials in the collection.  Individuals from outside of FHWA should request materials through their institutional/local library or make an appointment to visit. Other libraries should refer to the FHWA Research Library’s Interlibrary Loan Policy.


Contact Us

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6300 Georgetown Pike
McLean, VA 22101-2296
Fax: 202-493-3495
Tel: 202-493-3172


7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday
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Click here for directions and a map to theTurner-Fairbank Highway Research Center facility.



» Sources for FHWA Reports
» FHWA Research Library Interlibrary Loan Policy


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