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J. Sterling Jones Hydraulics Research Laboratory


Ongoing Research

Research Program
Functional area Initiative No. Task Description
Hydrology-Hydrology 1 Update precipitation frequency estimates for the Northwest and Texas (for the Office of Bridges and Structures (HIBS),the Resource Center (RC) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA))
Hydrology - Extreme Events 2 Investigating the potential impact of extreme events on precipitation frequency estimates (for HIBS, RC, and NOAA)
Hydrology -Extreme Events 3 Nonstationary precipitation frequency estimates for Oregon and Washington (for HIBS and the Office of Planning, Environment, & Realty (HEP))
Hydrology - Extreme Events 4 Flood Frequency Estimation for Hydrologic Design under Changing Conditions (for HIBS and HEP)
Drainage-Design & Analysis 1 Modeling of hydroplaning flows for a series of road longitudinal slopes and cross slopes (for HIBS and RC)
Drainage-Design & Analysis 2 Curb Inlet computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling to update Toolbox (for RC)
Culvert s Aquatic Passage 1 Stream Simulation Design of Culverts for Aquatic Organism Passage (AOPP) (for HIBS, RC, Federal Lands Highway (FLH))
Culverts-Design and Analysis 1 Development of CFD models to research and improve inlets/outlets and energy dissipaters (for HIBS and FLH)
Bridge Hydraulics-Design & Analysis 1 3D Flow correction/calibration of the 2-dimensional model of Sedimentation and River Hydraulics (SRH-2D) (for HIBS, RC, and Every Day Counts (EDC-4))1
Bridge Hydraulics-Design & Analysis 3 FEMA Floodway Analysis and Delineation for SRH-2D (for HIBS)
Scour-Scour Countermeasures 1 Develop and Evaluate the Effectiveness of Scour Countermeasures (for the National Hydraulics Team (NHT) Working Group)
Scour-Scour Countermeasures 2 Rockery Wall Design Guidelines for River Environments (for NHT Scour Working Group)
Scour-General 1 Hydraulic Performance of Shallow Foundations for Support of Bridge Abutments (for NHT Scour Working Group/Geotechnical Research Program)
Scour-General 3 Revisit Abutment Scour Methodology in Hydraulic Engineering Circular 18 (HEC-18) (for NHT Scour Working Group)
Scour-General 4 Bridge Scour Design Reliability with load and resistance factor design (LRFD) Considerations (for NHT Scour Working Group and AASHTO TC H&H)2
Scour-Hydraulic Loading 1 Hydraulic Loading for Simple Pier Shapes, Abutments, Horizontal/Vertical Contractions and Complex Piers (for NHT Scour Working Group and the Virginia Department of Transportation (DOT)
Scour-Soil Erosion Resistance Overview Soil Erosion Resistance Analysis Levels (for NHT Scour Working Group)
Scour-Soil Erosion Resistance 1 In situ Scour Testing Device (ISTD) field validation tests (for NHT Scour Working Group)
Scour-Soil Erosion Resistance 3 Laboratory Erosion testing utilizing ex situ scour testing device (ESTD) and lab-ISTD (for NHT Scour Working Group)
Scour-Soil Erosion Resistance 5 Erosion and Geotechnical property correlation testing (for NHT Scour Working Group)
Scour-Stream Stability 1 Advanced Modeling of Extreme Event Impacts on Stream Stability (for HIBS and HEP)
Scour-Stream Stability 2 Develop Engineered Log Jams and Stream Barb Design Criteria (for Western Federal Lands (WFL))
Coastal-Extreme Events 1 Incorporating extreme event impacts into design of highways in the coastal environment (for HIBS and HEP)
1 EDC-4 refers to the fourth round of the Every Day Counts partnership, scheduled for 2017–2018.
2 AASHTO is the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. TC H&H refers to the AASHTO technical committee on Hydrology and Hydraulics.



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