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Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology
Coordinating, Developing, and Delivering Highway Transportation Innovations



Office of Research, Development, and Technology


Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA's) Office of Research, Development, and Technology (RD&T) leads in the development of a nationally coordinated research and technology program; champions the advancement of highway technological innovation in support of FHWA strategic goals and performance objectives; advances knowledge through research, development, testing, and evaluation services; and provides support and assistance throughout FHWA in matters relating to research, development, and technology (RD&T).

Within the Office of RD&T, the Chief Scientist works with the staff at the Turner–Fairbank Highway Research Center, FHWA offices, and others to coordinate research and development (R&D) and is responsible for strategic planning for the Turner–Fairbank Highway Research Center. The Chief Scientist also oversees lab assessments, quality assurance, and data quality.

RD&T is organized into five offices located at the Turner–Fairbank Highway Research Center:

  • Office of Infrastructure Research and Development
    The FHWA Office of Infrastructure R&D conducts and oversees research and development programs and projects that address critical highway infrastructure needs and priorities of national importance. Studies focus on the design, materials, construction, operation, and preservation of highway pavements, bridges, culverts, tunnels, and other structures. In addition, the Office of Infrastructure R&D provides expert technical assistance to other FHWA offices, other Federal agencies, State and local transportation organizations, industry and academia.

  • Office of Operations Research and Development
    The Office of Operations R&D continually improves operations-related technology through research, development, and testing. Operations includes vehicle operations on highways such as efficiently, effectively, and safely moving vehicles on roads; finding solutions that address congestion; finding ways to increase the number of people and goods able to travel on different road types; vehicle-infrastructure interactions; intelligent transportation systems; and tolling.

  • Office of Safety Research and Development
    The FHWA Office of Safety Research and Development is helping to reduce highway crashes and related fatalities and injuries by developing and implementing safety innovations in a nationally coordinated safety research and development program.

  • Office of Corporate Research, Technology, and Innovation Management
    Develops and executes policy, budget, program management, and administrative mechanisms to enable a nationwide FHWA research, development, and technology program to be carried out in cooperation with our partners. Develops and executes a comprehensive research, development, and technology communications strategy and marketing plan in support of FHWA–wide RD&T programs and the technology delivery needs of the Core Business Units and Resource Centers.

  • Office of Resource Management
    Provides the administrative services for RD&T customers.


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