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Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology
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Office of Corporate Research, Technology, and Innovation Management


Innovation Management and Communications Team

The Innovation Management and Communications Team is organized under the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA's) Office of Corporate Research, Technology, and Innovation Management. The team is responsible for innovation management and communications and identifies, develops, and executes comprehensive research and technology (R&T) communications and marketing strategies, plans, and evaluation methods to support FHWA-wide R&T programs and R&T services.

The team supports the network of FHWA communication, marketing, and technology transfer staff to assure that the technology delivery roles within the Agency are effectively carried out in a comprehensive manner. The office also works with the Office of Technology Services to develop and implement a comprehensive plan for innovation management. Our responsibilities include providing an agency point of contact and coordination for technology and innovation delivery and working with the appropriate FHWA offices to communicate more effectively the corporate R&T story, R&T developments, R&T innovation strategies, research results, and best practices.

In addition, the team works with other FHWA offices and partners with the highway community (State departments of transportation, Transportation Research Board, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, academia, and the highway industry) to coordinate the planning, development, and delivery of a comprehensive marketing and communication program to ensure the timely adoption of innovations. The team leads the coordination and facilitation of the technology deployment network within the agency and with external stakeholders to ensure that best practices are shared and that deployment of R&T results is achieved.

The office is responsible for the following:

  • As a full publishing office, providing editorial, layout, printing, and electronic dissemination services for all FHWA Office of Research, Development, and Technology research publications and periodicals. The office publishes Public Roads magazine, 5 or 6 newsletters, and 100–150 technical reports, brochures, techbriefs, and fact sheets per year.
  • Managing FHWA’s Product Distribution Center in support of the agency.
  • Administering agency-wide national conference coordination and event planning.
  • Coordinating and administering the Federal Highway Administration Research Library.
  • Conducting 80 facility and laboratory tours annually of the Turner–Fairbank Highway Research Center.
  • Developing Web sites, producing CD–ROMs, developing presentations, exhibits, and speeches, and marketing support.

The End Result

The desired outcome is more effective and comprehensive information sharing, knowledge management, and communications internally and externally with our partners and customers, including the general public.


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