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LTBP: Long-Term Bridge Performance Program


What is LTBP?

The LTBP is a 20 year or longer research program collecting scientific-quality data to provide a more detailed and timely picture of bridge health, improve knowledge of bridge performance, and ultimately promote the safety, mobility, longevity, and reliability of the Nation’s highway transportation assets. [More]


What is the Objective of LTBP?

The objective of the LTBP Program is to compile a comprehensive database of quantitative information from a representative sample of bridges nationwide, looking at every element of a bridge.  By taking a holistic approach and analyzing all of the physical and functional variables that affect bridge performance, the study will provide a more detailed and timely picture of bridge health and lead to better bridge management tools.  [More]


What has been accomplished to date?

The research team  is conducting the work in two phases for achieving the objectives of the LTBP Program:

  • Developmental Phase – Validation of protocols for data collection and management to ensure that all of the components needed to achieve the objectives are specified before initiating  detailed inspection and evaluation of a much larger population of bridges nationwide. [More]

  • Long-Term Data Collection Phase – Identifying  a representative sample of bridges to be included in the program, coordination of data collection with the State DOTs, performing data collection, uploading the data to the LTBP Bridge Portal, and analysis of the data. [More]


What are the Tools

RABIT™ Bridge Deck Assessment Tool

RABIT™ Bridge Deck Assessment Tool

The Federal Highway Administration Long-Term Bridge Performance (LTBP) program developed a multifunctional nondestructive evaluation (NDE) platform to enhance assessment of bridge decks. The RABIT™ bridge deck assessment tool was developed to deploy a suit of NDE technologies simultaneously.


What’s New?

LTBP Bridge Performance Primer
December 2013
Link: http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/publications/research/infrastructure/structures/ltbp/13051/index.cfm


What’s Happening?

Visit http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/bridge/conferen.cfm for a detailed listing of upcoming events, workshops, and meetings related to the bridge technology community.


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LTBP: Long-Term Bridge Performance Program

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Contact Us

» Hamid Ghasemi, Ph.D
LTBP Program Manager
E-mail ltbp@dot.gov
Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center
6300 Georgetown Pike
McLean, VA 22101
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