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Pavements and Materials Research and Development (R&D) Topics Index

FHWA’s pavement and materials research and development provide technologies and solutions to advance the state–of–the art and practice in highway pavement engineering. To achieve these goals and objectives, the Office’s three pavement R&D teams conduct and manage research in the following areas

Design and Analysis


Design and Analysis R&D addresses pavement structural design, pavement response modeling, and prediction of both structural and functional performance.




Materials R&D seeks to advance technology and tools for evaluation, testing, specification, mixture proportioning and optimization for materials used in highway construction, preservation, maintenance and rehabilitation. Materials considered include traditional materials – asphalt, Portland cement concrete and aggregate – as well as recycled and reused materials and new or innovative materials.




Construction R&D seeks to develop construction management, specifications, and other technologies to ensure that what gets constructed meets the intent of design. It includes evaluating the effects of construction processes, procedures and specifications, and pavement repair and rehabilitation on pavement performance.


Long–Term Pavement Performance (LTPP)


The Long Term Pavement Performance research is a comprehensive study of in-service, asphalt and Portland cement concrete pavement test sections across the United States and Canada.


Pavement Management


Pavement management research and development provides tools and technologies to help agencies understand the condition and performance of the pavement network and make sound decisions concerning investments to preserve and improve the system.

Preservation   Preservation research and development provides tools, technologies and guidance to help maintain pavements in good condition.
Surface Characteristics   Surface characteristics research and development provides tools, technologies and guidance to enable optimization of pavement surface characteristics from a standpoint of safety (frictional characteristics),  user satisfaction (ride quality), and noise generation.
Materials Quality Assurance   Materials Quality Assurance research and development provides tools and guidance to help agencies ensure that the quality of the as–constructed pavement will meet the design intent.

Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability


Environmental stewardship and sustainability research provides tools and technologies to enable appropriate consideration of the short and long–term environmental implications of pavement engineering decisions, and support expanded use of recycled, reused and marginal materials in highway pavement construction without detriment to long–term performance.


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