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Cover Story
Engineering Assessment Team Rolls Out New Bridge and Tunnel Security Workshops

Technical Assistance
FHWA Resource Center Helps Federal Lands Highway Division Develop Context Sensitive Roadway Surfacing Selection Guide

Technology Deployment
Resource Center Demonstrates Latest Advancements at TRB 2006

National Pavement Preservation Partnerships

Special Feature
New Course Flyers Available from NHI

Centered on Results
New Staff Profiles

Contact Information

Contact Information

Federal Highway Administration Resource Center

Managing Editor
Judith C. Johnson
Phone: (404) 562-3682
Fax: (404) 562-3700
E-mail: judith.johnson@fhwa.dot.gov

Contributing Editor
Marie Roybal
Phone: (720) 963-3241
Fax: (720) 963-3232
E-mail: marie.roybal@fhwa.dot.gov

Contributing Editor

Deborah Vocke
Phone: (410) 962-3744
Fax: (410) 962-3419
E-mail: deborah.vocke@fhwa.dot.gov

Contributing Writer
Steve Moler
Phone: (415) 744-3103
Fax: (415) 744-2620

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