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FHWA Resource Center Helps Federal Lands Highway Division Develop Context Sensitive Roadway Surfacing Selection Guide

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Resource Center Demonstrates Latest Advancements at TRB 2006

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New Staff Profiles

Construction and Project Management

Construction and Project Management image Craig Actis
Project Management Engineer

(720) 963-3034

Craig recently joins the Construction and Project Management Team on a part-time basis while completing oversight of Colorado's $1.67 billion T-REX project. As part of the FHWA major project oversight program, Craig has served as project administrator on the T-REX design-build project since 2001. Craig began his career with FHWA in 1979, when he joined the agency's Highway Engineer Training Program. Prior to joining the Colorado Division in 2001, he served 11 years as a team leader in the Central Federal Lands Highway Division. Craig has expertise in the areas of design, contract development, project management, construction, and contract administration. Craig is a graduate of Idaho State University with a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering, and he is a registered professional engineer in Colorado.


Finance image William Keith Bishop
Innovative Finance Specialist

(410) 962-0634

William Keith Bishop joins the Innovative Finance Technical Service Team as an innovative finance technical expert. Keith's leadership experiences consist of directing a $5.3 billion bonding program at the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT), which has been nationally recognized for its innovation in financing and financial management. He has held numerous executive management positions at SCDOT, including chief finance officer, director of financial planning and cash management, and cash flow analyst. Keith earned a bachelor of science degree in business administration at the University of South Carolina in 1989. He is also a graduate of the Duke University/Harvard University Strategic Leadership Program, the National Transportation Institute at Indiana University, the South Carolina Executive Institute, and the South Carolina Department of Transportation Strategic Training for Transportation Agency Representatives (STTAR) program.


Planning image Eric Pihl
Modeling Technical Specialist

(720) 963-3219

Eric Pihl joins the Planning Technical Service Team as a modeling technical specialist, based at the Lakewood office. Eric has more than 9 years of experience in transportation planning and travel demand modeling, which he gained at public agencies and in the consulting world. He has been a community planner/modeling specialist with the Federal Transportation Administration's Office of Planning, where he reviewed ridership forecasts and technical methods for studies seeking New Starts funding. In this capacity, he provided technical support to local agencies, transit operators, and metropolitan planning organizations. Eric has also worked at the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) as a senior policy analyst in the Office of Transportation and Air Quality, where he reviewed redevelopment projects, including their travel and emissions impacts, for brownfields sites. During his tenure at EPA, he also led a collaborative research project with the University of California to evaluate the ability of four-step travel models to capture the short- and long-range consequences of highway capacity enhancements. Eric has a B.S. in geography, an M.A. in urban planning, and an M.S. in civil engineering.


Operations image Eddie Curtis
Traffic Management Specialist

(404) 562-3920

Eddie joins the Operations Technical Service Team as a traffic management specialist. He comes to FHWA after serving as a traffic engineering associate for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (1997-2001, 2002-2006) and as a systems engineer for PB Farradyne. His areas of particular expertise include traffic signal timing; adaptive traffic signal control systems; evaluation and planning of traffic signal system operations; incident detection and management; traffic management center operations; advanced traffic studies; corridor management systems and technology; vehicle detection devices and traffic data collection; and traffic simulation and modeling. He is a member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers and a recipient of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship. Eddie is a registered professional engineer in the States of California and Louisiana. He earned his bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from California State University in Los Angeles in 1997.


Robert RadicsRobert Radics Honored With Superior Career Service Award

Robert Radics received the Superior Career Service Award upon his retirement from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) on March 18, 2006, after nearly 39 years of service to the agency and the planning discipline.

Bob’s career with FHWA has been characterized by strong dedication, a focus on advancing the agency's mission and goals, and his close work with our State and metropolitan planning organization partners on planning issues.

Bob began his career in 1967 with the Bureau of Public Roads in the training program. He has worked in the Planning Office of Region 9; the Louisiana, Vermont, and Georgia Divisions; and the Region 4 Office. Bob has served as an urban planning engineer; planning and research engineer; planning director; and Planning, Research, Environment, and Right-of-Way Office director.

"Survival key: maintain a sense of humor; the job is a part of life, not life itself."

"One of the most striking realizations is the tremendous evolution the agency has undergone since I first joined the Bureau of Public Roads. From our first mission to build the Interstate System we grew to include metropolitan planning, environmental protection, and civil rights as major cornerstones, and grew further to embrace new technologies in the field and the office. We endured major management philosophical swings and many reorganizations, yet emerged intact and with a stronger purpose. Through it all, the concept of "FHWA family" remained strong, and guided our overall treatment of employees."

-Robert D. Radics

Bob was one of the founding members of the Southern Resource Center (SRC) when it was created in 1998, serving as a planning modeling specialist. His responsibilities grew further as he developed this position, and he became the SRC's first intermodal specialist. In this capacity, he worked with the Region 4 OneDOT group, the Military Traffic Management Command's STRAHNET evaluation, and the maritime port of Charleston, South Carolina, on an expansion study. Notably, he also was selected to be the FHWA representative on an OECD Transport Planning Group, where he co-authored a report on "Delivering the Goods: 21st Century Challenges to Urban Goods Transport."

Most recently, Bob served as an intermodal planning specialist on the Resource Center's Planning Technical Service Team. In this capacity, Bob has been instrumental and extremely proactive in the development of new freight-related training and in the initiation of new ideas to serve FHWA division offices more effectively. During his tenure with the Resource Center and throughout his career, Bob has been noted for his depth of planning knowledge, his responsiveness to customer needs, his focus on FHWA objectives, and his ability to clearly communicate planning technical issues to a wide range of audiences.

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