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Resource Center Demonstrates Latest Advancements at TRB 2006

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Resource Center Demonstrates Latest Advancements at TRB 2006

The FHWA Resource Center (RC) was asked to provide staff presentations, lead technical discussion groups, and participate as an exhibitor in the 85th Annual Transportation Research Board Meeting in Washington, DC, January 22–26, 2006, at the Marriott Wardman Park, Omni Shoreham, and Hilton Washington Hotels.

Scott Hogan (L) demonstrates proper culvert design as Eric Brown, Hydraulics Engineer, RC Geotech and Hydraulics TST, discusses advantages with other visitors (background)
Scott Hogan (L) demonstrates proper culvert design as Eric Brown, Hydraulics Engineer, RC Geotech and Hydraulics TST, discusses advantages with other visitors (background).

In the exhibit hall, the FHWA RC distributed a variety of materials on technical innovations of interest in 11 technical specialty areas—air quality, civil rights, construction and project management, environment, finance, geotechnical and hydraulic engineering, operations, planning, safety and highway design, and structures. The RC booth was also a source for the latest market ready technology (MRT) guidance issued by the Administrator.

One of the highlights of the FHWA RC exhibit at the annual event was a portable demonstration flume. The flume is used in two National Highway Institute (NHI) training courses, Culvert Design (FHWA-NHI-135056) and Introduction to Highway Hydraulics (FHWA-NHI-135065), to show basic hydraulic principles associated with the design of highway drainage features including culverts and energy dissipators. Scott Hogan, Manager Engineering Services, Ayres Associates, was on hand to assist RC staffer Eric Brown in explaining many of these concepts to exhibit attendees.

Specific flume demonstration and discussion topics included the following:

  • The effects of barrel roughness, length, slope, inlet geometry, and tailwater depth on culvert performance.
  • The design and effectiveness of culvert energy dissipators including baffle rings and outlet basins.
  • The use of basic fish passage measures, including culvert baffles and embedded (depressed) culvert barrels.

Eric Brown, hydraulics engineer, FHWA RC, was also present during several of the demonstrations to answer questions. The flume demonstrations were well received by many of the TRB exhibit attendees, who asked many insightful questions and expressed interest in the FHWA hydraulics program.

The hydraulics engineers of the FWHA RC and Office of Bridge Technology wish to thank the NHI for sponsoring the flume demonstrations.

For more information about hydraulics training, design guidance, policy, and conferences, contact the FHWA RC hydraulics engineers here or refer to the FHWA Hydraulics Web site.

The TRB Annual Meeting program covered all transportation modes, with more than 2,600 presentations in 500 sessions addressing topics of interest to all attendees—policymakers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry, and academic institutions. This year’s spotlight theme was “Transportation 2025: Getting There from Here.” Also highlighted were “The Interstate Highway Systems 50th Anniversary—What Have We Learned?” and “SAFETEA-LU: What It Means for Research and the Transportation Community.”

The FHWA RC distributed complete packages of the 2006 MRT one-pagers to all FHWA division offices, headquarters program offices, and Federal Lands Highway staffs immediately following TRB. Twenty-four MRTs are designated in the package.

For additional copies of individual technology one-pagers, interested parties are directed to contact the specialist listed at the bottom of the one-pager.

For additional sets of all 24 technology one-pagers, contact the Resource Center Communications and Marketing Team Leader at carin.michel@fhwa.dot.gov.

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