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Promising Practices

1. A practice that has been successfully implemented and has achieved results in a STA's civil rights program.

2. A practice that is easily adaptable by other STA and achieves civil rights program objectives.

3. A practice that will improve an existing procedure/process or program (i.e. software program, forms, innovative or new technology, etc.).

Promising Practices will be organized by the various CR Program Areas:

    1. ADA/504
    2. Contractor Compliance/OJT
    3. Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
    4. State Internal EEO (SIEEO)
    5. Title VI/Nondiscrimination
    6. American Indian/Alaska Native
    7. Others:
        • Minority Colleges and Universities (Minority Institutions of Higher Education (MIHEs: HBCU, HACU, TCs, etc.)
        •Supportive Services (OJT/SS and DBE/SS)

NCDOT Compliance Audit Tool (CAT)

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has developed a web-based audit application to conduct Title VI compliance reviews of internal program areas and its sub-recipients. The Compliance Audit Tool (CAT) has several distinct features:

Acts as a repository to store audit review details and data for future use
Includes an approval process for managers
Can enter, track, and report Title VI audits
Generates letters of findings, summary of findings, and corrective actions reports

The development of the CAT has significantly reduced the processing time for conducting audit reviews within the NCDOT.
For more information, contact Sharon Lipscomb, NCDOT, Title VI Manager, at (919) 218-8813, or email slipscomb@ncdot.gov

IA DOT OJT Goal Setting

OJT Goal Setting – The Iowa DOT has achieved success in their OJT Program by establishing annual OJT goals for contractors based on the amount of work the contractor has been awarded in the previous 3 years. This process allows contractors to place OJT trainees where their classifications are most needed.

For more information on the Iowa DOT OJT Program contact Edward Kasper at (515)239-1414.

Florida DOT

Sub-Recipient Americans With Disabilities Act Compliance Assessment Tool

Sub-Recipient Title VI Compliance Assessment Tool


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